Patriot 12/28/19

    • When: 12/28/19
    • QIC: Mayhem
    • The PAX: Peach, Italian Job, Roxanne, Poppins, Gold Plate, White Hat, Catfish

Thanks to Red October for the opportunity to lead this morning.  We had 5 for boot and 3 for running.


We did a basic circuit of Side Straddle Hops, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, and some other stuff.


We had an old school pain filled tour de Cherry Park, but first we stopped off for a cycle of People’s Chair and then Ascending Testicles.  Interspersed with a healthy dose of mumble chatter and attempted Q-Jacking by Peach and Italian Job.

As we ran the big loop around Cherry Park, we stopped off for a number of pain stations.  As YHC was running out of breath to call the cadence, we settled into a routine of BOMBS OYO starting with 5 Burpees and working the normal progression with incrememts of 5.  Did this about 5 times during the workout.

After a failed attempt to shortcut through the baseball fields, we landed in the adjacent parking lot for a set of suicides.  The PAX informed YHC that this was supposed to be a boot camp, not a running workout, so we did some NUR in the parking lot as punishment.

We ran some more and did some more BOMBS in the lower lot and finished up with some Mary back prior to COT.  We got a total of 3 miles in.


Kudos to Roxanne for taking the Q on the 14th at Bethel Men’s Shelter.  Please donate and sign up to help https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0444adaa23a2fa7-bethel

Donations can be taken up at workouts.


Peach led us out lifting up the PAX and praising the Sky Q for the beautiful day.

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