Bringing the Last “P” to the PAX at PHOP

    • When: 01/15/20
    • QIC: Walker
    • The PAX: Schrute, Taken, Kelvin, Tinker Toy, Bill Nye, Walker (R)

Five brothers joined YHC on this warm and gloomy morning for some total body conditioning.  Here’s what we did:

Warmup: Side straddle hops, MNCs, and Cherry Pickers.  We then proceeded to execute 4 corners with 10 merkins at each corner followed by another round with 10 squats at each corner.

The Thang:  

Starfish: We started with one of my favorite routines, the Starfish, with burpees in the middle (total of 50 burpees) and 50 merkins at one of the starfish points, 50 squats at another, 50 IC flutter kicks at another, and 50 pike presses at the last point of the configuration.

Ab Lab:  Heels six inches off of ground for about 60 to 90 seconds, 50 IC flutter kicks, 40 Freddie Mercurys

Jacob’s Ladder (7s):  We ran across the street to find a substantial hill.  Once there, we ran a 7s routine with prison cell merkins at the bottom of the hill and jump squats at the top of the hill.

We then ran back across the street towards the AO where will did a mini Jacob’s Ladder with more prison cell merkins and jump squats.

Ab Lab:  We finished up the workout with 50 IC flutter kicks and Heels six inches of the ground for approximately 60 seconds.


During the workout, I touched on the following topics with more detail given here:

1)  Idolatry:  I have recently noticed some comments on social media concerning sports that I find inappropriate and think is worthy of reflection.  I understand the passion that people have for sports  and the particular teams they support.  I also understand that people sometimes tend to take this obsession with sports to an unhealthy and destructive area in their lives.  When a person’s emotions, mood, and general well- being are affected by the performance of a sports team to the point they are critical and disrespectful of others, then that’s a problem. This behavior borders on idolatry because now the sport has taken control over you and has displaced the creator and the lover of your soul, who is God Almighty.  If people had the same passion for the Gospel and the kingdom of God as they did for sports, what could this world be like?  It’s certainly okay to be a fan, but it’s not okay to be a fanatic.  Please try to remember what truly matters in this life and keep God (Jesus) first and foremost in your life and keep the love for sports in its proper channel.  Please don’t let the love for sports become an idol in your heart.

2)  1st F:  As most of you know, I enjoy working out and see the potential for physical development and fitness by participating in 1st F.  With that said, I have noticed for some time now that quite a number of the PAX  seem to prefer easier and not too stressful workouts and pursue those types of workouts frequently.  I understand this mentality and approach for those who are injured or infirmed, however, to be quite honest, am bothered by this attitude and approach from those with no issues.  I have recently contemplated discontinuing my association with F3 Rock Hill because this “half ass” attitude and approach affects me in a negative manner (I’m speaking for myself).  It’s been my observation over the years that those men who take a “half ass” approach to their fitness, also tend to take a “half ass” approach to their marriage, other relationships, their careers, and the raising of their children.  I’m not talking about ability here – I’m talking about effort and the real desire to make something better of yourself for your family, your friends, and your community.  What we do in 1st F is important because it bleeds over into other aspects of our lives as mentioned above.  When we post, we should enjoy each other’s company and participate in the mumble chatter, but the mumble chatter should be in addition to the hard work, not a replacement for it.  In other words, try not to turn 1st F into 2nd F.  Real men are willing to sacrifice and do the hard things in life (including looking to be challenged at a hard workout) and realize that in order to achieve the next level, you’ve got to work for it.  So, I beseech you brothers, when you show up for a 1st F workout, work hard and apply maximum effort so you can become the High Impact Men that you claim you want to be.  I know I will appreciate it and I’m sure there are other brothers who will appreciate your hard effort as well.  If my commentary offends you, so be it – I had to get this off my chest so to speak.  I will still be there for you if you need me.

COT:  We covered some announcements and prayed for some of the PAX and others.  Please remember to read your newsletter for the latest happenings.

Walker Out!

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