Kindness Challenge

    • When: 1/13/20
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Big Mac, Kenyan (R), Newton, Pac Man, Aqua Lung, Windex, King Pin, Ponytail (R)

8 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered on a muggy Monday evening at The Night at the Museum – muggy in January – go figure.  As Big Mac put it – ‘I’m digging Global Warming’.  A few Pax rolled in from pre-running and a few others rolled in hot.  As the top of the hour approached we gathered for a warm-up.  There were no FNG’s present so a quick disclaimer was provided and the PAX were asked to encourage one another, take care of the six and have fun.  The warm-up consisted of SSH, seal jacks, wind mills, merkins & some light stretching

The Thang –

Tonight was the night of the National Championship for college football so YHC really wanted to make this workout challenging but fun.  After the warm-up was finished we rolled out and headed over to the school grounds and turned right into the parking lot.  We started with a set of Toy soldiers / high knees / butt kickers about 20 yards each to get the heart rate going.  Then we did a short mosey out to the front of the school and did a set of step ups, followed by a round of Irkins / Dirkins / Dips.  Next we did another short mosey to the back of the school to the basketball court for some fun.  The plan here was to do some college football trivia, in honor of the big game tonight & the PAX answers, wrong or right would decide the exercise

  1.  Who holds the record for the longest win streak all time?  Answer – Oklahoma.  Incorrect – 15 CDD
  2. What is the oldest bowl game in college football?  Answer – The Rose Bowl.  Correct – 15 LBC’s
  3. What team has the most wins all-time?  Answer – Michigan.  Incorrect – 15 squats
  4. What team has had the most players drafted to the NFL?  Answer – USC Trojans.  Incorrect – 10 Diamond Merkins
  5. What team has been to the most bowl games all-time?  Answer – Alabama Crimson Tide.  Incorrect – 15 seal jacks
  6. What teams played in the first college football game?  Answer – Rutgers & Princeton.  Incorrect – 15 Moroccan Night Clubs
  7. What team once lost a game 222-0?  Answer – Ga. Tech.  Correct – 10 Freddie Mercuries
  8. Who is the winningest coach all time?  Answer – Joe Paterno.  Incorrect – 10 Tempo Merkins
  9. What’s the fight song for The University of Tennessee?  Answer – ‘Down the Field’ (not Rocky Top).  Incorrect – 10 count
  10. What player has won more than 1 Heisman Trophy?  Answer – Archie Griffin.  Correct – 15 Imperial Walkers
  11. How many officials are on the field for a game?  Answer – 8.  Incorrect – 15 Lunges

This was a lot of fun and we all had a few good laughs.  We finished our time on the court with a round of fire merkin fest at center court and the PAX did a great job pushing through.  Next we did a short mosey over the wall near the field for some people’s chair and a round of shoulders – knees – toes, followed by 5 merkins each man.  Time was running short so we moseyed back to the AO and finished with a round of Dan Taylors making it up to 6 squats and 24 lunges (a real crowd pleaser). We closed with about 2 minutes of Ab Lab.


YHC shared the following with the PAX that I received recently from a friend:

“As the world fights to figure everything out, I’ll be holding doors open for strangers, letting people cut in front of me in traffic, saying good morning, keeping babies entertained in grocery lines, stopping to talk to someone who is lonely, being patient with sales clerks, smiling at a passerby – Why?  Because I will not stand idly by and live in a world where love is invisible.  Join me in showing kindness, understanding and judging less.  Be kind to a stranger, give grace to friends who are having a bad day, be forgiving of yourself – today & everyday.  Be the change – Be the light, start today – never stop”

My challenge to the PAX and you if you read this is the Kindness Challenge.  Go out of your way this week and every day after this week and go out of your way to be ridiculously kind to others – then see what happens, how it changes you and your outlook on things.  Sometimes our world just gets mean and we’re not nice and not kind to each other.  We all could use more kindness in our lives – it starts with us

We closed our time together with a few announcements along with prayers & praises

Thanks Pac Man for the opportunity to lead tonight – it’s always an honor to do so

Ponytail out –


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