Shooting from the hip

    • When: 01/16/2020
    • QIC: Big Mac
    • The PAX: Brangilina, Aqualung, GAUGE, Big Mac

Tonight was a little impromptu at the goose as schrute had informed me there was an event at the AO, so we modified as needed. The parking lot was crowded so we moved down to the track.

Stated name , disclaimer and intention and the warm up began:


10 imperial walkers ic

mozy around track then 5 burpees OYO

1/2 track curve lungs walk/ 1/2 alternating side lunge walk

high knees and butt kickers for the straights

lunges/ Nur the bottom curve

high knee / butt kickers for the straight

Back to cot

The Thang:

with cindys- 50 curls 40 overhead presses 30 bent over rows 20 tricep extensions 10 Cindy swings – once finished we took a lap around the track         Rinse and repeat

mozied to the steps at tennis center- people’s chair and 20 SKT IC and 15 donkey kicks – mozied around courts and to curb with a set of 5 clockwork merkins – finished up with a little ABLAB  and called it there

The NMM:

I appreciate and thank all the pax that continue to come out and support this AO every week. My intentions for this was to be a setting for the individuals who weren’t able to make it to the morning workout to come out and be able to accelerate in a similar setting. It is always good to see new faces and Q spots are open for anyone who wants to bring the pain.

Remeber bethel men’s shelter sign ups

the rooster- get your team together or reach out to find a team

prayers and praises lifted


Big Mac out ……. fist bump …. noggin



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