2 not so fast but 2 furious night

    • When: 01-23-20
    • QIC: Windex/Big Mac
    • The PAX: Windex, BigMac

YHC forgot to post a pre-site hype post:


On that note, letโ€™s get on with it. YHC planted the flag and headed out for a pre-run. At the 7:30 hour windex and myself started our evening off right:

20 SSH IC, 15 windmills ic, 20 imperial walkers ic and 20 MNC IC


Mozied out to cherry park by way of sidewalk, turned at the bridge and ventured to the large parking lot. Started alternating exercise call at each island

lunge walk-butt kickers – alternating side lunge walk-toy soldiers- left side karaoke then right side karaoke

moved to top left corner – 20 low slow squats ic

mozied to top right – 20 Bonnie Blairโ€™s ( 1rep=1 leg )

mozied to bottom right- 50 SC calf raises

NURrd around base ball statue and continued the mozy to exit cherry park

moved down to divider wall between 2 schools for a 10 man-ups ,10 count peoples chair and lap around pick up line – rinsed and repeated

mozied back to COT to make an even 3 miles

The NMM:

There has been quite a lull in pax picking up the q-stick for the goose. These workouts are to be led by men in a …. rotating …. fashion. Gentlemen this is one of our core values. Reach out, try it. We currently have, IMO, the two best night AOs in the F3nation, and want each and every pax to experience the best sunset in rock hill ( spring and summer ). But, in closing Iโ€™m just saying, reach out to an evening site q and get your name on the list, who knows , it might be the cure for your crappy day/week!


prayer and praises lifted up


Big Mac out


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