The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Hill Repeats….

    • When: 01/23/20
    • QIC: Schrute
    • The PAX: PCH, Iron Sights, Vuvuzela, Big Fundamental, Cocktail, Boomer, Red Ryder, Bull, White Hat, Rasta, Jester, Armstrong, Mongo, Sandlot, Fireball, Slow Pitch, Schrute

You can tell its P200 season, we had 17 this morning at Falcon Zero/Wally World.

We had about 6 guys take off at 4:30 for 8-9 miles, the other 11 joined me at 0500 for 5-6 miles of hill repeats. The thang:

At 0500, we took off to Winthrop Lake. We ran up to the hill on the backside of the lake. We ran hill repeats for 20 minutes on that hill, then moseyed back to the hill behind Cherry Park. We ran up and down that hill until 5:55, then moseyed back to the COT. Everyone got between 5-6.5 miles overall, keeping everyone together.

Great work by all the Pax, in particular our newer guys like Armstrong and Kotters like Red Ryder.


Last weekend, I took my family to the mountains for a weekend getaway. As I was driving up 321 toward Boone, my boys began to get scared because of the curves in the roads and the fact it was night. They didn’t have the same fear when we came home during the day. One of them remarked that they couldn’t see the guardrails at night, but could see them during the day.

This got me thinking about the importance of guardrails in our lives. Today, each of us had 16 guardrails posting with us, plus many more at other places or resting for some reason. Find a man and shieldlock with him. Get real. He can be, and should be a guardrail for you.

I keep hearing stories of situations in my life that so much pain would have been prevented if guard rails were in place to protect us.


Saturday – 0700 – The Doty at The Patriot (bring something heavy and get ready to work)

Saturday 1900 – 2300 – Tattooed Brews 2nd F gathering

Bethel Men’s Shelter

Sign up to Q somewhere!



Families, injured Pax, those with Cancer


White Hat’s good report


As always, honored to lead, honored to serve. Let’s keep getting after it!




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