Tour De Manchester

    • When: 01/23/2020
    • QIC: Big Papi
    • The PAX: PacMan, Darth, Roxanne, Static, Windex, Kenyan, Big Papi
A few weeks ago I reached out to Socrates to ask him if he could Q at the JOC and without hesitation he is now on the schedule, Moments later he asked me to Q ManU and this is how the Tour De Manchester was born.
Disclaimer disclaimed,  I reminded the PAX modify as needed but don’t that that be an excuse not to push yourself.  (Maximus said this yesterday during his disclaimer)
WarmUp COT:
SSH  x 10 IC
Windmill X10 IC
Morocon NightClubs X 10 IC
The Thang
I explained to the PAX that YHC wanted to keep the group together during the entire 45 minutes, with that said we were to Indian Run around Manchester stopping at different locations to perform said exercises.  As we started and Kenyan noticed right away that exercises were going to be called IC he quickly reminded YHC that there are two ways of counting.  I told him I know and continued on, The PAX chuckled and thus began some mumble chatter.  Halfway through Roxanne and Pacman were talking about a phone and pictures I’m not really sure all the details but I kept the PAX on track before something awful and incriminating was said.
Round 1:
50 Calf Raises OYO
40 American Hammers IC
30 Dips IC
20 Derkins IC
10 Bomb Jacks OYO
Round 2:
50 LBC’s IC
40 Freddies IC
30 Dolly’s IC
20 Gas Pumps IC
10 Flutter Kicks IC
Round 3:
50 Imperial Walkers IC (PacMan nailed it and never lost count)
40 Squats  Single Count
30 SSH (at COT) IC
20 Merkins (Time Ran out)
10 CDD (Time Ran Out)
Time was up and we got a total of 1.75 miles in,  thus began the COT
Bethel Mens Shelter
Post at the Patriot Saturday in honor of Det. Mike Doty
Prayers Praises were said
Roxanne took us out in Prayer.
It was truly an honor to lead the PAX today, I have regained my confidence as a leader and will continue to sign up to Q  and thanks again to Socrates for asking me to lead at this AMAZING AO.
Big Papi Out!

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