Independence 2/10

    • When: 02/10/2020
    • QIC: Van Damme
    • The PAX: Fryin pan, chuckie, anchor bar, mayhem, Windex, gold plate, chestnut, night crawler, Armstrong, flat iron

Started with a disclaimer that I might call something stupid. It is their choice to do the stupid. Then we went into a warm up  SSH AND cherry pickers with a little left over right right over left. Then a Mosey we went. Found a wall for some people’s chair, Australian mountain climbers, and balls to wall. Then got is some step ups with a wall that was to tall!!!  Mosey over to flag to find someone slept in and forgot to raise the flag. So we bear crawled and did burpees. Mosey over to stone bench’s for dips. Mosey to brick walk to attempt lunges and toy soldiers. Made our way to the coupon and found one we really liked. Circled up for curls, chest press, and over head press. Lined up on the circle in front of a glorious hill and said why not…  we threw the coupon and bear crawled to it then why not let’s throw it again. All the way up the hill. With the coupon over our head we lunged back to the bottom (disclaimer.. that sucked). Circled up for some 20 twin twin with coupon. 20 rows, 20 chest press, 20 over head press. Rinse and repeat mosey over to amphitheater. Did progressive squats adding one each step. Total… ALOT 🤷🏻‍♂️  Mosey back to COT  where we found a flag and said the pledge. Thanks for allowing me to lead Anchor Bar. It was truly an honor.

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