Alert Circles

    • When: 2/12/20
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Prodigal, Buffet, Blueprint, Fokker, Ponytail (R), Burgundy, Herbie

7 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at the BTC to run on a spring like February morning.  There were no FNG’s present so the route was announced and we left at 0500 sharp.  The plan today was simple – we would go to the loop around Tech park and share with the PAX the route & logistics for the Rooster, a Rock Region CSAUP that will be held on February 29th.  To start the run we did a brief warm-up to the Comporium building which will serve as our transition point for the Rooster – and then we ran laps around 1 mile loop.  Burgundy & Buffet set a quick pace and all the PAX did a great job.  We even found Fokker along the way and he joined us for a few laps.  Altogether we got in about 4-5 miles and enjoyed some great conversational miles

Once we got back to COT YHC shared a devotional I was reading recently.  As it appears gazelles in the African safari eat & drink in circles (Alert Circles) as they are termed.  This way they can all be on the lookout for any possible threats to the group.  If a threat is detected and a gazelles seeks shelter, all are notified quickly and all have a better chance to be safe.  It got me thinking that we all have the opportunity as PAX to be in the Alert Circles.  We can & should look out for one another.  If you see a brother engaging in action or behavior that could be harmful to him or the group, you have a responsibility to warn him.  You also have a great opportunity each & every day to encourage one another in the circles.  YHC has fully recognized this as of late due to my wife’s recent surgery.  Many PAX have called, texted, spoken to me and offered words of encouragement and offers to help or provide a meal.  On behalf of my M & I please know how much we appreciate your support & encouragement

Encourage one another & Build each other up      1 Thessalonians 5:11

Supporting & Encouraging one another is a way to model Christ as he loves, supports & encourages us

We closed with announcements & praises and prayer concerns

Thanks Blueprint for the opportunity to lead today – it’s always an honor to do so

Ponytail out –

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