Live with No Guilt

    • When: 02/15/2020
    • QIC: Longshanks/Reborn
    • The PAX: Pac Man, Roxanne, NSYNC, Ponytail (R), Kenyan (R), Fryin’ Pan, PCH, Italian Job, Darth, Rainbow, Triad, Windex, Van Damme, Big Mac, Blueprint, Nacho (F3 Clemson), Longshanks, Reborn

Thank you to the 18 PAX who showed up to The Patriot on this chlly gloom to share in some great fellowship and a little suffering. It was an awesome time and if you miss it, well, you missed out. Thank you to Pac Man for allowing Longshanks and YHC to lead this morning.


We began the morning led by Longshanks with the following after the disclaimer: Longshanks took us on a short mosey around the parking lot with some high knees, butt kickers, and toy soldiers. Then we headed over to the side of the school where we were still in the sunshine and the breeze wasn’t so bad.


Longshanks then led us in the following: He explained the plan to be perform an exercise where we were, then run out to the end of the tennis courts and back; perform the same exercise and another then run out and back; perform the first two exercises and add another and run out and back (you get the picture I hope). Once we got to a certain number, we would start removing exercises starting with the first, then the second, etc. The exercises were 5 Burpees on the 1st round; 5 Burpees and 10 Calf Raises on the 2nd round; etc. We went up to 5 Burpees, 10 Calf Raises, 20 Lunges, 30 Step-Ups, 40 Monkey Humpers, & 50 Squats.

After Longshanks killed everyone’s lower body and 30-minutes was up, he handed off the Q to YHC.

After this everyone was pretty much warm, so we headed over to the opposite side of the school to the front of Cherry Rd. Elementary. There was a medium size wall where we did the following series of 11’s: Muscle Ups & Burpees. Then we took a mosey back over to the same area we started in the beginning of the morning where we performed the following: Irkins, Dips, Step-Ups (for a little rest for the arms), & Derkins. We performed regular and wide arm of each in three rounds.

Then we took a short mosey back to the COT for some 6-count Burpees to help Italian Job continue in his payment of 330 Burpees. We finished the morning with some Ab Lab.

All PAX in attendance today did an awesome job. TClaps to Nacho from F3 Clemson (an 11-year old) who showed up this morning to workout with us. Thank you for the great mumblechatter as well.


I ran with another PAX yesterday morning where we had plenty of time to discuss many different topics. One topic that came up was regret of things done or not done in the past. This led into some deep conversation as you can only imagine.

From that, the topics of guilt and shame came up. Regret is a feeling of sorrow or remorse for something you have or haven’t done along with a sense of loss. Regret is not a bad thing to feel. What we must be careful of is to not allow that regret to turn into shame & guilt. It is here where a wedge can, and will, be driven between us and SkyQ. Guilt will beat us down so much that we won’t feel as if we are worthy to accept what has been freely given to us.

Longshanks added that we shouldn’t regret things because everything we do is a choice and every choice has molded us into who we are today.

For me, what has been given to me is Salvation through faith in Christ and his saving grace. For others it may be different, but that guilt is the same. Don’t allow regretting something turn into guilt, and then drive you down a dark path that ‘you’ cannot get out of alone. Accept the gift of salvation and live today, and die, guilt free.

What truly matters is where you are going to today, not from where you have come. However, don’t forget what you have experienced to get where you are.

Romans 10:10-11 For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved. For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.”


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The PAX shared their prayers and praises and YHC lifted them up.

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