Yep…Race Season Is Here

    • When: 02/18/20
    • QIC: Jester
    • The PAX: Tinker Toy, Blueprint, Ponytail, Cocktail, Iceman, JAG, Canseco, Fireball, Slow Pitch, Ironsight, Vuvuzela, Big Fundamental, Bull, Gaines, Walker, Herbie, Bubblewrap, Schrute, Honeypot, Toot Toot, Focker, Chernobyl and Jester.

YHC and Ironsight partook in some pregame activities and got a few extra miles in before the main event went down at Wall Street this morning. As the 0500 time approached and we rolled into the AO, YHC had the thought, “Yep…race season is upon us” as there were quite a few PAX on hand ready to get some miles in on the day.


After some light stretching, YHC looked around to see if there were any FNG’s on hand and there were not on this day. YHC outlined the route for the PAX on hand which entailed a straight out and back route. The route went from Wall Street out Herlong Ave. to York Elementary School on W. Main Street covering a little over six miles round trip. If YHC is not mistaken, I believe this route was initially introduced by Riddler at one point.  If you are looking for a good training route with some hill work mixed into it, this is one to keep in mind.


YHC passed along a quote from Theodore Roosevelt’s Autobiography by a gentleman by the name of Squire Bill Widener to the PAX. The quote goes, “Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are”. Regurgitating the quote was the easy part at the COT. The challenging part was conveying YHC’s thoughts to words as is the case usually when speaking to groups. Not that writing is a forte either, but YHC is going to try and do a little better here. The above quote touches upon three areas of stress that YHC experiences on a fairly regular basis. At least for YHC, this quote helps provide a little perspective in a neat, tidy little package that is easy to remember/recall when needed.

The first part, “Do what you can” speaks to YHC in controlling the controllable’s in life. In many instances, YHC creates a bunch of unnecessary stress and anxiety in worrying about things in which there is no control over. This just leads to feeling run down and tired with nothing to show for it at the end of the day. The second part, “with what you’ve got” speaks to YHC in being happy with the blessings that God has provided and not making comparisons to others. Again, more thoughts and focus on things that do not lead to anything productive at the end of the day when all is said and done. Finally, the last, and probably most important part to YHC here is, “where you are”. This part speaks to being present in the moment to YHC which is challenging for YHC at times and I think this is a challenge for many men in general. YHC finds that when effort and focus is placed on this last part though and being present in the moment, a lot of the other parts seem take care of themselves alleviating a lot of the unnecessary stress and anxiety mentioned above.


Announcements – Rooster is around the corner on February 29th.

We concluded in lifting both prayers and praises mentioned by several PAX in COT to our heavenly Father this morning.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning Honeypot. Jester out.

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