Run and gun at The Bunker

    • When: 02/26/20
    • QIC: Big Mac
    • The PAX: Big Mac, PCH, Rasta, Chernobyl, High Pockets, Mountee

Today was an unusual day, not just for me, but for the 6 gentlemen that came out this morning to share some pain and gains. I, the biggest of Mac, usually do not post in the gloom. But, on special occasions ( when asked) , YHC will rise from the fartsack and dispense some work.

Arrived at the bunker a few min early to see PCH, Rasta and Chernobyl finishing up their pre run. 5:15 came around and the rest of the gentlemen rolled in and fell into a circle.

-Disclaimer was explained, no fng’s so we broke right into it


20 ssh , 10 imperial walker, 10 hillbilly walkers, 20 MNC, 15 merkins , 15 mountain climbers, 10 cherry pickers and 5-6 count burpees all IC


We moved to the truck and each one of us grabbed a Cindy from the back, donned our gloves and performed the following

50 Curls….for the girls

40 Tricep extentions

30 Overhead should press

20 side lunges ( each leg 1 rep )

10 Cindy bell swings

After each set we stacked a lap as we mozied around the loop beside the school

Once 3 rounds were finished, we carried the cindys back to the truck and circled up at the COT

Finished up with 5 rounds of “Dan Taylor’s” – those are 1:4 Ratio of squat:lunges ending the rain of pain.

The NMM:

Finishing up this month soon with a little bit on grace. Grace in my life and applying it. This year I have focused on trying to improve my application of grace on my family, workplace and most of all on myself.


Lifted up the prayers and praises to our sovereign lord and wished the pax of f3nation a good day


until next time …. Big Mac out

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