Sua Sponte Leadership – The Rooster/Bethel Men’s Shelter

    • When: 03/02/20
    • QIC: Schrute
    • The PAX: The Pax of the Rock Region


Wanted to take a moment and show my gratitude to the Pax of the Region for the growth that has occurred recently. I woke up Saturday morning at 0500, got my gear on, realized I hadn’t planned at all for the Rooster–so I grabbed a bottle of water and a chair to sit in. That’s it. No planning committee involvement, not logistics planning, nothing. You’d think the Nantan of the Region would have a big hand in something as big as the Rooster, but nope.

As I pulled into Comporium around 0545, I laughed as I saw all the tents set up. I laughed harder when Bill Nye told me that he and I were the only two runners for our team there. (another story for another day). I realized we have so much to be grateful for.

F3 is an organization of Leaders, not an organization with Leaders. (not my quote, probably Dredd’s or someone smarter).

Leaders Leading Leaders – Apache

The day I took the reigns of being the Nantan, I asked for one thing our Pax–if you see something that needs to be done, do it. Take a risk and do something. The Rooster exemplified that effort.

Ponytail, Blueprint, and The Riddler took on the planning for the Rooster. They did all of the logistics work, the work on getting a location, the work on securing the Port-a-Johns, the organization, and even the publicity. Every time I’d discuss the Rooster with them, I’d say, “Let me know how I can help”. They had it covered…needed no help. These men deserve our gratitude for putting on an amazing CSAUP that raised over $2000 to support the work going on at the Bethel Men’s Shelter.

On the note of Bethel, I think a moment needs to be taken to show our gratitude to Reborn and Jester for their early leadership of our work there. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention JAG and his planting of the seed last fall for this work. I also need to take a moment thank Roxanne, Fryin’ Pan, and Darth for their leadership in taking on the first three meals and the planning for those. Also a shout out to every many who has served and helped in any way. Again, Bethel is another example of men showing Sua Sponte Leadership – see a need, do something.

This work is ongoing. We continue to need men to sign up to lead and support these meals, men to show up to serve, and men to even just have conversation with the men of Bethel. We also continue to need financial help to cover these meals. In the spirit of growing as leaders, we do not want any man to not be able to lead a meal due to financial difficulty.

I know I left men out, but know I’m grateful for each who has had a hand in the work with both of the above.

My challenge to our Pax continues to be the following: If you see a need in our community, do something. Don’t assume someone else sees that need. The beauty of F3 is this: you have a group of men that will support your efforts and make them our efforts.

As many of us continue to train for race season, be aware that our mission isn’t to be fast for a race, its to be better leaders. You’ll see efforts this month around mental illness awareness and #F3MentalBattle in addition to other focuses. Also pencil in that our region’s 6th! anniversary is coming up in May. More details to come.

As always, honored to serve with and among each of you.


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