We are our Brother’s Keeper

    • When: 3/12/20
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: White Hat, Pac Man, Shrute, Walker (R), Jelly, Bull, Fokker, Cocktail, Ponytail (R)

9 HIMS of the Rock Region gather this morning to get in some miles at Wally Falcon as it’s come to be coined.  I got the call from Slow Pitch the night before to Q as his work called him away & I jumped at the chance to lead.  Conditions this morning were great with some cool air and a nice breeze and some fast men.  No FNG’s were present today so YHC provided a brief explanation of the route and asked all the men to have fun, be safe, encourage one another & take care of the six – and then we rolled out

The Thang –

The route was morning was a familiar one.  We turned left out of the AO down to Anderson Road, down Anderson Road & left on Cherry Road, down Cherry Road and left on Richmond Drive, and finally, left on Eden Terrace back to the AO.  This covered about 5 miles and left some time for the men to pick up extra distance on the track while others stretched and others did a slower cool down.  All of the men gave great effort and took care of the six.  Great push guys!

Once back to COT, we concluded the morning with the name o rama along with announcements.  Pac Man shared a few words on mental health awareness month and gave me a great transition with what I wanted to share with the men this morning.  I challenged the guys to take care of each other, effectively be our Brother’s Keeper.  If there is a man you haven’t seen out in the Gloom in a while, reach out to that man and offer to meet him back out.  Often times it’s an easier transition to get back in the Gloom through these one on one connections.  It’s through these connections where we all have the greatest opportunity for making an impact.  I also challenged the men to reach out to another man and ask them, “How can I pray for you today?”.  Again, through these one on one connections it’s less public and a more effective way to make an Impact.  Be your brother’s keeper.

We closed by going around the group and each man shared something the others could remember or pray for.  We concluded the morning in prayer

Thanks Slow Pitch for the opportunity to lead today.  It’s always an honor to do so

Ponytail out –


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