Friday 3/27 Virtual Q

    • When: 03/27/20
    • QIC: Gold Plate
    • The PAX: All PAX of the Rock Region and beyond

This “Virtual Workout” is a static workout/ No Live Video: You will need a coupon, KettleBell or Cindy of your choice.
Workout is approximately 45 minutes…. I have done it at PHOP before and this is just substituting some Moseying in lieu of Tire Flips…..💪….Enjoy!!!!!!
I will be On Deck at Fountain Park at 0515 for
In Person Workout & I am willing to cover any citations as needed…. 😂😂🤔…. Rucker’s welcomed…Fellowship Afterwards in lieu of Bibles n Biscuits…Waters and muffins are provided…Prayers and Attitudes of Gratitude welcomed…🙏.

Warm up of your Choice…
Exercises are all Double counts… breaks during long counts as needed.

5 Burpees
50 Flutters with Coupon
25 Merkins
50 Cindy Squats with coupon
Mosey for 2 minutes

5 Burpees
25 Big Boy Sit-ups
50 Plank Pull Thru using coupon
25 Over Head press with Coupon single count
Mosey for 2 minutes

5 Burpees
50 Coupon Curls Single count
50 Plank shoulder taps
25 American Hammers with coupon
Mosey for 2 minutes

5 Burpees
25 Over Head Press with coupon single ct
25 LBC’s
25 Side straddle Hops
25 Tricep press with coupon single count

Mosey for 2 minutes

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