Monday Workout and a New Song!

    • When: 3/30/2020
    • QIC: Smokey
    • The PAX: F3 Rock Region

Good Afternoon Gentlemen,
My name is Ezra Glafenhein, my F3 name is Smokey. I am not a professional, and everything that I say is a suggestion. You’re allowed to modify as necessary.

I hope that you all are doing well. These last few days and weeks have been a little bit different and uncertain with the coronavirus. As a result of the guidelines in regards to social distancing and quarantines, there has been a lot more time to step back, be still, and reflect on the work of God in each one of our lives.

It is encouraging to know that we have assurance of the promises of God in His Word. This past weekend, I was able to spend quality time in God’s Word and prayer with my two older brothers. During that time, there were many passages from God’s Word that were very encouraging and humbling. I will dive more into this as this workout progresses.

The theme of this workout is “A New Song” which comes from Psalm 40:3 which says: 

3. “He puts a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God.  Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord”  

That being said, let us begin by doing the following:

  1. Side straddle hop (Cadence of 20)
  2. Next, we will do 5 burpies
  3. Next, we will do flutter kicks (Cadence of 20)
  4. Next, we will do side lateral jumps (10X each side)
    • The best way to do this exercise, would be to find a stripe (or anyway to mark a line).  from that point, you laterally jump over the line.

From this point, we will jump into the second phase of the workout:

Phase 2:

  1. Start: 10 Burpies – 25 yard sprint – 20 low slow squats Finish (Repeat 3 times)
  2.  Flutter Kicks (Cadence of 20) / Toe touches with toes to the sky (20 single count) / American Hammers (Cadence of 20)
  3. Elbow plank up – Push-ups (10 single count)
    • This is done by starting in the plank position, then going into the elbow plank position.  From there, you push yourself back into the plank position and do a push-up.  This is repeated 10 times for a count of 10.
  4. Wall squats (15 seconds) / alternating one leg wall squats (10 seconds each leg)
  5. Next, from a balls to the wall position, do alternating shoulder taps (5 each shoulder)
    • To modify, you can do alternating shoulder taps from a regular plank position (10 each shoulder).

Phase 3:

25 Yard sprints: (2 sprints – there-back)

  1. Pull-ups (Maximum) 
    1. Please note: you can modify to any exercise that you fill like doing that you can reach your max.
  2. Repeat sequence 1 and 2.

Good Work work gentlemen.  That concludes the workout that we have today.  I appreciate you all taking the time to look over this workout.  I hope that this will be a workout that will push you.  

As I end this workout let me go back to Psalm 40 in verse 3 when it talks about putting a new song in our mouth.  My prayer and hope is that during this time, the Holy Spirit will bring each one of us closer to Himself.  That this “new song”, a song of praise to our God even in difficult circumstances, people would come to see the Love of God and put their trust in the Lord.  

During this time, let us also be reminded of what is said in 1 Peter 1:13, which says:

13. “Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ”

In closing, let a “new song” (a song of praise to our God) reign in our hearts in such a way that would draw people not to ourselves, but ultimately God.


Sincerely, Ezra Glafenhein (F3 – Smokey)

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