April first digital workout

    • When: 04/01/20
    • QIC: Bill Nye
    • The PAX: Rock Region PAX and anyone else who cares to do it

COP: All IC x 10
Side Straddle Hop, Moroccan Night Clubs, Merkans, Mountain climbers

Stretch whatever you need, the goal today is to work the whole body a good bit. Each body part gets multiple rounds with increasing numbers. Mind your form because fatigue will try to rob your efforts.

Start with a short mosey (3-4 minutes)

5 wide arm merkans, 5 merkans, 5 diamond merkans
5 burpees
30 seconds high plank

10 wide arm merkans, 10 merkans, 10 diamond merkans
10 burpees
30 seconds high plank

15 wide arm merkans, 15 merkans, 15 diamond merkans
15 burpees
30 seconds high plank

10 squats
20 lunge steps (10 each leg)
10 jump squats

20 squats
40 lunge steps (10 each leg)
20 jump squats

10 burpees

15 LBCs
15 flutter kicks
14 oblique V ups (7 per side)

30 LBCs
30 flutter kicks
30 oblique V ups (15 per side)

End the core section with the greatest ab exercise of all time- 10 burpees!

Close it all up with a 1 mile mosey and, time permitting, 10 more burpees!

At the end of the day I have chosen to view this entire thing as another way to get better. There is an opportunity here. On a normal day it is easy to get up and post with my brothers. I am four years into this thing and don’t see myself dropping off any time soon.

However this has been a bump in the road. It is easy to slow down or lay off when I am not going to meet others in the gloom. I feel like no one will miss me.

But soon this will all blow over and we will all be able to post together again.

At that time it will be easy to tell who stayed sharp and who settled in and developed rust.

Heat tempers steel and iron sharpens iron. Keep yourselves sharp.

Get after it brothers!

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