F3 Rock Region Statement on COVID-19 5.3.20

    • When: 05/03/20
    • QIC: Schrute and the Shared Leadership Team
    • The PAX: The Region Pax



Over a month ago, our region leadership made the difficult decision to close all of our AOs in light of the rapidly escalating COVID-19 pandemic. In the past month, I’ve seen multiple ways that men continue to fight deceleration and attempt to serve the mission of F3: To plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Whether it was men working out in small off the books bootcamps, on Zoom, or in small groups with a shield lock partner; our men have continued to accelerate through this season. In addition, men have started new bible studies, continued QSource, held virtual 2nd F events, and continued to serve Bethel Men’s Shelter.


But, let’s not kid ourselves; despite all of these efforts, we need to be in the gloom. We need the fellowship that proximity offers. We need the accountability that proximity offers. The reality is that this season is going to continue for some time to come, so we must adapt and reclaim the gloom. That’s why your region leadership has decided collectively to reopen, starting Monday at Old Town. This will be a soft reopen this week in recognition of the 6 year anniversary of F3 Rock Hill. We will open the original 6 AOs this week:

  • Monday – Old Town (0500 start)
  • Tuesday – Eagles Nest (0515)
  • Wednesday – PHOP (0515)
  • Thursday – ManU (0515)
  • Friday – Petra (0515)
  • Saturday – Planet Pain and The Patriot (0700)


Now, how will we do this? A few important points need to be made here:

  1. If a Pax feels (or his M feels) that this is not a good decision, then don’t post. Period. No making fun of a Pax for not posting, no encouraging to post despite reservations. This decision has been made recognizing that NONE of us have all the important information about our situation. To be clear, that’s one of the most important things about leadership–understanding that you’re leading with incomplete information, but doing the best you can.
  2. Social distancing guidelines are still in place. No Ball of Man in COT. Keep groups less than 10. Be prepared to split to keep under ten. I understand there are those who feel this is overhyped. I understand there are those who this is underhyped. I’m not making a call either way on that. Please respect your fellow Pax and do not insist on a BOM. In addition, no shared gear. If you are on Q, there are ways to design your workout to encourage some distancing. Please consider that, for example; AMRAP and station workouts can encourage that distancing. To remind you of our earlier guidance, see here: https://www.f3rockhill.com/2020/03/13/covid-19-statement-from-the-rock-region/
  3. This week, we are opening the original 6 AOs + Planet Pain. The reason for this is simple: This is our 6 year anniversary week, so we want to celebrate that. We will see how things go this week and hope to open more in coming weeks. That announcement will be coming later in the week based on early returns. 
  4. For now, Face to Face 2nd and 3rd F events are closed. With the Governor reopening dining outside this week and looking to reopen dining inside in the next few weeks, we will monitor and adjust this guidance. For now, we will continue moving forward with the virtual 2nd and 3rd F events that Honey Pot and Fryin’ Pan have put into place.


As a part of our celebration of our 6 year anniversary, additional 2nd and 3rd F opportunities are forthcoming. Be on the lookout!


This decision has not been made lightly. I completely understand that there will be Pax that disagree with this decision, as there were Pax that disagreed with the original decision. That’s to be expected as we continue to chart our next 43 feet. 


In closing, we will continue to monitor and adjust based on the recommendations of our elected officials and others through this season. Feel free to reach out with comments, questions, and concerns. I appreciate every man that has reached out and discussed this over the past few weeks. I’m looking forward to getting back in the gloom with my brothers.





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