The Privilege of Prayer

    • When: 5/12/20
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Herbie, Waterboy, Toot Toot, Tombstone, Stork, Ponytail (R)

6 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered this chilly May morning at Eagles Nest after the Covid-19 induced break.  Eagles Nest re-launched last week but this was my first time back out here since the down time was rolled out and it was great to be back and lead this morning.  No FNG’s were present so a quick disclaimer was provided and all the PAX were reminded to have fun, push one another & encourage one another.  We began with a quick warm-up which included SSH, Seal Jacks, Cherry Pickers, Shoulder Presses and some light stretching.  Once we had warmed up we headed out to the Winthrop campus

The Thang –

First stop was a mosey over to the front of Tillman where we were joined by the men at Wall Street.  Honey Pot led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Someone said “we’re out of here before you start doing burpees” so we did 5  as they got back to their run.  Next we moseyed over to the circle at the Student Center and planked up and did a set of ATM’s (alternating shoulder taps / tempo merkins / merkins) followed by CDD and shoulder presses and 5 more burpees.  Next we moseyed over to the Big Show ampitheatre and started at the bottom and worked our way to the top doing 5 merkins at each level for 80 total.  Once we reached the top we did a set of overhead claps, seal claps & shoulder presses followed by 5 burpees.  Next we found a low wall behind the Science building and did 10 leg lifts each leg followed by a set of dips / Irkins & Merkins and 5 burpees.  Then we moseyed over to the coupon pile at the figure 8 and did a set of curls, followed by a set of bent over rows and shoulder presses and concluded by holding our coupons chest high for a Q determined amount of time (about 60 seconds).  After returning our coupons, we headed over to the high wall at the maintenance dock and did a set of shoulders – knees – toes in People’s Chair followed by 5 merkins each man down the line followed by a set of Down unders on the wall and 5 more burpees.  Time was running short so we headed back to the AO & finished up with 5-6 minutes of Ab Lab.  Great effort was given by all and we took care of the six – Thanks men for the push & the pull this morning in the Gloom

We concluded the morning with announcements along with praises & prayer concerns

Speaking of prayer or rather the Privilege of Prayer, YHC shared the following –

Ask, and you will Receive, that your joy may be full.  John 16:24

We should pray in times of adversity so we don’t become faithless and in-believing

We should pray in times of prosperity so we don’t become boastful or proud

We should pray in times of danger so we don’t become fearful and doubting

We should pray in times of security so we don’t become overly self-sufficient

Pray, believing, in the promise of God’s Word that if we ask anything according to his Will, he hears us 1 John 5:14

Prayer is a gift and we should be in prayer daily – take your concerns to him – what a Privilege it is!

Thanks Tombstone for the opportunity to lead this morning, it’s always an honor to do so –

Ponytail out –

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