The Not So Kind, Kind Workout

    • When: 06/24/20
    • QIC: Jester
    • The PAX: PCH, Mongo, Rasta, Ironsights and Jester

A total of 5 #HIMS ventured out to Bunker Hill in the gloom today. There were no FNG’s on hand and a quick disclaimer was disclaimed for the veterans on hand. This is how the whole thang went down:

  • Warm Up @ COT:
    • Cherry pickers – 10 in cadence
    • Windmills – 10 in cadence
    • Moroccan night clubs – 20 in cadence
    • SSH’s – 20 in cadence
    • Downward Dog Calf Stretch – 10 Count
    • Walk hands out to plank position with merkins to follow – 15 in cadence
  • After the warm up PAX moseyed to the school’s drop off round-a-bout and did the following series of exercises between the light posts:
    • Toy Soldiers
    • Butt Kickers
    • Karaoke – one set regular and one set goofy (reference for any snowboarding PAX out there)
  • PAX then moved on and moseyed to the bus parking lot near the school’s main entrance where cones had been set up 10 yards apart. Each PAX picked a cindy that was on hand and performed the following not so kind medley:
    • Lunge walk w/ cindy 10 Yards–10 man makers at 1st cone and mosey back to the starting point.
    • Lunge walk w/ cindy 20 Yards–8 man makers at 2nd cone and mosey back to the starting point.
    • Lunge walk w/ cindy 30 Yards–6 man makers at 3rd cone and mosey back to the starting point.
    • Lunge walk w/ cindy 40 Yards–4 man makers at 4th cone and mosey back to the starting point.
    • Lunge walk w/ cindy 50 Yards–2 man makers at 5th cone and mosey back to the starting point.
  • PAX moseyed back to COT to close the whole thang out with the following AB lab:
    • Tricycles in cadence – 20 each leg
    • LBC’s in cadence – 20
    • 1 minute plank
    • Flutters in cadence – 20
    • Crunchy Frogs in cadence – 15
    • 1 minute plank

Before the nama-rama and parting ways to tackle our respective days, YHC shared a definition of kindness that YHC came across watching the Kindness Diaries by Leon Logothetis on Netflix with my family this past week. Similar to happiness and joy, YHC would imagine you would get 10 different definitions if you asked 10 different people to define kindness. The definition this gentleman uses to define kindness though is as follows:

Kindness is the act of truly seeing someone and making them feel less alone.

YHC also shared the premise of the Kindness Diaries series, but am leaving it out here. If you are interested in looking into it further, just go out to www.leonlogothetis.com to get the 411. At least for YHC, the stories shared within this series have been truly inspirational in the desire to work on spreading kindness more often under the definition mentioned above individually and collectively with YHC’s family.

Individually within our F3 community, YHC would like to get better at greeting PAX’s with the customary fist bump to say hello before the commencement of a beat down. This is always on YHC’s mind when approaching the COT in the gloom, but YHC’s social anxiety kicks in a bit and holds YHC back from doing so more often than not. So, I am challenging myself to get better at this. I think this act is one of the first undertakings most of us do to start our day since we are up at the pre-crack of dawn and think it is a good way for PAX on hand to truly be seen and feel less alone right at the start of their day. For those that are in the same boat as YHC, I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and tackle this as well prior to the workout. For those that do this already, I extend the following challenge to you just as an awareness thing when doing it..not a knock. Be conscientious in engaging the PAX in front of you just like you would a hand shake in a professional setting. The whole look ‘em in the eyes to let ‘em know you’re there kind of thing and you see them. YHC on occasion sees PAX who are super excited to see other PAX on hand which is awesome…truly. But in some instances in the excitement of the conversation being had, the fist bump to the PAX standing there gets lost in the ritual of it instead of the intent of it.

YHC did remember to do the video for the nama-rama, but forgot to ask about announcements and more importantly forgot to close out in prayer. So, YHC sincerely apologies to the PAX on hand today for the miss here especially the prayer component. YHC promises he will at some point get the whole cadence of how to close out a workout!

Jester Out!

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