IMPACT at Bethel Men’s Shelter

    • When: 07/01/20
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: All F3 Rock Region Pax & their Concentricas

This is a BackBlast to inform the PAX of F3 Rock Region what IMPACT your financial donations have made over the past 6-months at Bethel Men’s Shelter. With your donations, we have served over 325 meals to the homeless of York County and the volunteers of the shelter. Your donations have allowed us to support Bethel by financially preparing to start an F3 workout there soon.

The donations you continue to give will help us continue to serve meals each month. We hope to also begin to make to go bags for the men to take as they leave in the morning after we serve. They will also help us purchase shirts, shoes, and other workout gear for the men of Bethel. The donations may one day help a man who is working out with us begin a business or something even greater.

Our goal at Bethel is to find the men who have a desire to accelerate in their fitness, fellowship, and faith by being a part of F3 Nation. We want to continue to love on these men to invigorate that passion within them with the hope some of them will see the impact they can have on other men at the Shelter and beyond.

We as a Region will continue to hold special fundraisers to support the work at Bethel. If you have an idea for a fundraiser, please contact YHC or Ponytail. We will also continue to accept donations at our workout COT’s through our Site Q’s. Keep an eye out for these special opportunities to give. If you ever want to know where we stand financially feel free to ask YHC and I will be happy to share.

Finally, be on the lookout for an F3 workout to begin. At that point, YHC will be seeking QIC’s who are willing to lead.

Please consider signing up to serve on the second Tuesday of each month. We have slots for QIC, meal prep, servers, and general fellowship from now until the end of the year and beyond.

We are completely open and transparent about the funding and have 5 PAX who are watching the credits and debits of the account. If you have any questions or want to know more information, please contact YHC.

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