Zachary Tellier

    • When: 07/02/20
    • QIC: Bill Nye
    • The PAX: Nightcrawler, Honey Pot, Herbie, Tombstone, Jester, Boomer, White Hat, Gold Plate (R), Ryder

We started with a few stretches, SSH, merkans, Hill Billy Walkers and Imperial Walkers.

I then explained that we were doing the Zachary Tillier WOD. Zachary Tellier is a hero workout inspired by a paratrooper who died September 29, 2007. Read more here.

The workout is simple. 5 rounds starting at the top. Add a workout each round. Record the time when finished.

10 Burpees
25 Merkans
50 Lunges
100 Big boys
150 Squats

Mosey back to the COT for some cool down stretches.

It was tough, but all ten of us completed it. We are fortunate to be given the opportunities that we have. The sacrifices of many men and women have made it so that our country experiences unprecedented amounts of freedom and prosperity. There is always room for improvement as a nation, but it is the people who make our nation great.

We make our nation great when we take part. Go out and be a part of the solution. Talk to neighbors. Find people that you disagree with and find ways to strengthen the things that you do agree with.

Proud of all the guys who woke up, did the hard thing, decided to post and #GetAfterIt


  • Nightcrawler 21:28
  • Bill Nye 24:42
  • Honey Pot 23:14
  • Herbie 23:20
  • Tombstone 23:30
  • Jester 23:35
  • Ryder 23:48
  • Boomer 24:37
  • White Hat 26:25
  • Gold Plate 27:15

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