24 Hours of Booty recap –

    • When: 7/24/20
    • QIC: Ponytail / Reborn
    • The PAX: Ponytail, Reborn and many others who helped with support, donations, words of encouragement, time

The current Covid-19 pandemic that we are all living in today made it necessary that this years 24 Hours of Booty would not be normal.  Doing the non-normal is we what we are all about.  So in order to continue to make an Impact this years ride became ‘Unlooped’ meaning that there would be no one large gather in Charlotte but instead it would be in neighborhoods and communities.  One of those Unlooped versions was in the Rock Region.  Partnering with the Rock Hill Bicycle Club we brought a version of the ride to our community.  Many of you came and offered words of support, cheered, yelled and generally pushed the riders to keep moving.  What an Impact we were able to make.  At this writing, the 24 Foundation has received over $763,000 with money still coming in.  Here in our Region, we raised over $17,000 alone to support cancer research, cancer navigation, post treatment support and other related efforts.

The Ride started at 7pm on Friday 7/24 and it looked like we would be delayed as a storm moved in.  But in true fashion, we showed up, you showed up and at 6:55pm then sky broke, some sunlight broke through and cooled everything off.  Our police escort showed up for the first lap and many cancer survivors led us in the ceremonial Survivor First lap.  Emma Holt (2.0 of Cornerstone) bravely and strongly led our group for the initial lap and did an amazing job.  Emma is an amazing young girl with a bundle of energy and an infectious smile.  Well done Emma!  Well done Cornerstone!  Keep pushing #EmmaStrong

After the initial lap was completed we gathered back in Bootyville which was located in the back St John’s UMC.  Our very own Chuckie, Youth pastor at the church secured the facilities and made for a great location.  Thanks Chuckie for all of your help!

Now it was time to get after it – on the next lap.  And who should we see but our very own Sandlot with 2.0’s in tow yelling at the corner near the Hot Box with hoots & hollers.  Like jet fuel for your legs – pedal on!

Reborn and I rode until around 9pm and had some dinner and rode some until around 11:30pm when Italian Job & Catfish showed up and said – “Hey, let’s go for a ride!”.  so we did – another 10 miles in.  Thanks for the midnight push guys and offering encouragement & support.  The guys left around 1:30am so with nothing else to do, we rode another 20 miles or so and rested until 3:45am when World Wide Leader showed up.  Hey you guys wanna go grab 30 miles?  sure – why not?  WWL is training for a half Ironman so grabbing some dark thirty miles was great.  After Reborn and I grabbed a quick rest and then who should we see in from a nice run but Burgundy, Canseco & Tinker Toy.  Those guys ran the Booty Loop a few times at a great pace and encouraged us to keep moving.  Thanks guys!

Later that morning, Orlando from the Metro Region came down with a SFN chair in tow and we fashioned up the chair to the bike and one of the riders, Scott Wentzky was able to pull his sister for 6 laps and we all enjoyed making her day a little brighter.   She is a cancer survivor and an amazing fighter.  I had the opportunity to speak with after the ride and 24 Foundation Porsche escort that we participated in and she had a great time.  The mission of SFN is helping & allowing those with disabilities to participate in fitness activities and she enjoyed the ride along a snazzy medal.  Thanks Orlando & SFN for making an Impact!

The rest of the day, now into Saturday afternoon was hot but we kept riding.  Fryin’ Pan was enjoying a nice long ruck with his 2.0 honoring the memory of his father.  We enjoyed great company & conversation along the last few laps.  We even had a sponsor donate some delicious ice cream and enjoyed a nice treat at 4pm on Saturday.

We finished out the last few hours riding and hydrating and concluded with a final team lap at 6:45 pm with nearly all of the participants.  A second and final lap to honor survivors, loved ones lost, and those who keep fighting.  Altogether Reborn and I rode 131 miles and had an amazing and memorable time doing it

A huge thanks goes out to each of you, the sponsors, those who helped and supported making all this possible.

One of our sponsors was Bryan Boan.  Bryan is the brother of our very own Winchester and owns Rock Hill Coffee Roasters.  He provided coffee for the riders at the start, came back at midnight for a ‘pick-me-up’ boost of caffeine, and came back a 3rd time Saturday morning and was selling coffee and coffee bags.  $5 from every bag purchase on Saturday is being donated to the work at the Bethel Men’s Shelter.  Thanks Bryan for making an impact and for the $75 raised.  If you had any of the coffee you already know how good it is.  If you’d like to try it, Bryan has agreed that he’d like to help continue to make an Impact on our work at Bethel and will continue to allow $5 from every bag purchased to continue going to support the Region’s efforts there.  Here’s the link if you’re interested in buying a bag and supporting Bethel – a nice win/win



Thank you Rock Region for being leaders in the community and for stepping up to help others.  As Orlando told me – “People helping People helping People”.  Doesn’t get any better than that.  You’re the finest HIMS I know – keep pushing and keep encouraging others to continue making an Impact in the lives of others

Ponytail out –



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