Who brought you out?

    • When: 07/31/20
    • QIC: Bill Nye
    • The PAX: JAG (R), Boomer, Jester, Smokey

This morning five men gathered and put in work

Started with some stretches because we just don’t do that enough

Mosey around the building, start at one end of the parking lot and lunge walk to the first set of parking spaces. 10 merkans and 10 burpees. Lunge to the next set of parking spots for 9’s. Keep going until we finished 6s. Mosey around again and repeat starting at 5s and going to 1s. Mosey the building again. A short mosey next door for two rounds of 4 corners: LBCs, Jump squats, Wide arm merkans, diamond merkans.

After that we had about 10 minutes left. YHC started the closing portion of the workout by telling how long I have been a member of F3 nation, who EH’d me, and a favorite exercise. Each man in turn did this and we were also joined by 4 studs who were out for a run (Ponytail, PCH, Mongo, and Pescador) . We did burpees, American hammers, crunchy frogs, ankle taps, alternating shoulder taps, and some tricycles. All told we got about 2 miles with a healthy amount of boot thrown in.

Closed it up with some simple stretches and then COT.

It was good to take a moment to reflect with my brothers this morning. Each guy shared who had brought them out and each guy had been brought out by someone different. None of whom were in attendance this morning.

It really made it strike home for me that this F3 thing is more than just a workout. It is an influence. It is fellowship. It is brotherhood. We choose to post because it pushes us. But it also comforts us. Provides a community.

Reach out to guys you have not seen. Hit up the guy that brought you out. Especially if they have stopped coming out. But we also need to keep bringing others into the fold. The gloom belongs to us. Men need the sense of community that can be found before the sun rises. We are in a time when many are realizing the importance of fitness and fellowship. Get those guys into the community because when our circle grows we are all better for it. And they are better for being a part of it.

Spread joy and get better, together.

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