The Goose is LOOSE!

    • When: 08/13/2020
    • QIC: Zalinsky
    • The PAX: Brangelina, Socrates, Crabbie, & Zalinsky. 2.0: Junie B & Iron Patriot

We began promptly at 19:30.


IC SSH, IW, HW, Cherry Picking.

Mosied to a nice grassy area where I led them in what I’m calling the Kenyan Shoulder Blast as Kenyan did to us at the Lake Wylie RH joint AO back in July.

IC: MNC 20, dropped down to 10 merkins, back up to overhead clap 20, dropped down to 10 merkins, back up to 20 shoulder press, and dropped down to 10 merkins.  Recover.

Mosied over to Goose parking lot near Cherry Park.

Rock Paper Scissors: paired up and best of 3. 1st pairing did round 1 winner 15 lbc, loser 15 squats. Round 2 winner carolina dry docks 10, loser scorpion docks 10. Round 3 winner did 5 bobby hurleys, loser 5 burpees.

We then switched up partners and did it again varying ab workout mixed in with the above.

We then mumble chatted introducing ourselves and saying a little something about each other resting and freshening the legs for what was about to happen.

Then mosied over to Cherry Park where we broke out into Motivators.  Mosied a bit then did 10-8 motivators, mosied a bit did 7-5 motivators, mixed in some merkins and dips on the rocks and then mosied to the large parking lot near the play area and completed 4-1 motivators.

Ab lab and long haul mosied back to the COT.


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