The Commons 3.0

    • When: 08/11/20
    • QIC: Jester
    • The PAX: All PAX

Good morning Rock Region PAX! YHC had the pleasure of having Smokey pass along the Commons AO shovel flag to YHC after the regularly scheduled beat down at the hands of Schrute this morning.  If you’ve had the pleasure of working out with Smokey, you know this #HIM pretty much brings one gear to a workout…5th. It is something YHC noticed about him the first time YHC attended a workout with him and pretty much every time thereafter. He comes out of the gates hot and pushes forward with his best effort every time until the whistle blows. It is a trait that YHC admires about this particular #HIM. So, with this in mind, YHC hopes to be able to bring a fraction of this #HIM’S intensity to this AO while YHC is responsible for the shovel flag.

In knowing Smokey had been looking to pass the shovel flag along, YHC had given much consideration in taking it prior to accepting this endeavor. YHC didn’t really have any ideas though on what to do with the Commons until attending an Italian Job beat down at Independence some weeks back. On this particular day, PAX covered 3 miles of running while incorporating a bunch of boot over the ground covered. For those PAX that know YHC, you know YHC’s preference would be to attend a running AO every day of the week and skip boot all together and all the strength work that comes with it! Not that YHC is an end all be all runner, YHC just prefers a long run more so than 45 to 50 minutes straight of strength building exercises. However, YHC has learned (from many of you for that matter) that building strength among different muscle groups helps improve one’s running which YHC has also become a believer in too now. So, really, you all are to blame for this in the end!

Anyway, YHC knows it is on the Q to map out a workout as they see fit and YHC doesn’t want to take this away, but YHC is requesting Q’s map out their workouts at the Commons while incorporating a minimum of 3 miles of running going forward. YHC knows other regions do this too; YHC just hasn’t had an opportunity to attend one of these workouts due the distance from YHC’s house. I can’t say with certainty and could be missing the mark entirely, but YHC has to imagine there are other PAX who would be interested in a regular boot camp option during the week that incorporates a little more running compared to a straight boot camp workout? So, the Independence Q referenced above was kind of the motivation that prompted this tweak to workouts at the Commons going forward. If this does sound like something of interest to you, by all means…please fill up that Q list! YHC looks forward to seeing you in the gloom!

Jester Out

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