A Labor Day Convergence @ Old Town

    • When: 09/07/20
    • QIC: Catfish - Boot Schrute - Black Diamond Homer - Ruck
    • The PAX: All PAX


It’s time to celebrate the Laborers that built this country!

I didn’t fully understand what we were supposed to celebrate on Labor day, if you’re like me take a second and read through THIS LINK.

Let’s get together Monday at Old Town from 6-7 for a sweatfest of a good time, there will probably be some #Snotwogglin’ going on but lets take the #RedPill and start off the holiday with our F3 brothers!

Schrute will be bringing you a black diamond boot, #YHC will have a typical boot camp lined up, and Homer will have a ruck option (if you wanna try it out just ask, I know where some extra rucks are).

It’s guaranteed to be a great way to start the day and, let’s face it, we all need a good workout and some 2nd F! Let’s wrap up this crazy summer of 2020 together!

And Gold Plate has asked Rock Hill Diner to hold their meeting room for us for breakfast afterwards!

So, block out Monday morning – show up at 6am to Old Town and let’s #GetAfterIt together!



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