Some self reflection

    • When: 09/05/20
    • QIC: Bill Nye
    • The PAX: Schrute, JAG, Peach, Fryn' Pan, Kenyan, Red October, Big Fun, Cornerstone, Cuomo, Roxanne

This morning 11 men gathered at The Patriot. They were warned to bring gloves, motivation, and their brains. Hopefully all three were employed this morning as we traversed the area for an hour.

Started out easy with a few stretches, low slow squats, and tempo merkans.

Mosey to the track where we would spend the majority of the workout.

And the disclaimer was disclaimed. My legal team was in attendance and said I was good to go, so we proceeded with 5 burpees, followed by an easy mosey lap, squats, merkans, and a few more burpees.

Next we lunge walked 100m, 3 burpees, sprint 100m, 3 burpees, lunge walk 100m, 3 burpees, sprint 100m followed by… 3 burpees!

Wow, that was fun! Let’s do it again! So we did.

Then, after the six had been collected I explained the next exercise.

There was very little rejoicing, despite the fact that I gave the men many options.

Quarter mile bear crawl. You also had the option to lunge walk and or burpee broad jump. But the quarter mile was not optional- just your mode of locomotion. It was hard and it was stupid. I enjoyed it more than I care to admit.

Upon gathering the six we had a conversation about life, stupid things, and self examination. More details about that below.

Once we had caught out breath we did a little track work with alternating 100 m sprinting and moseying for a lap before returning to the AO for the last 10 minutes for a fairly intense ab lab that consisted of very fast American hammers and flutter kicks, very slow dying cockroaches and normal speed LBCs, big boy sit ups, reverse crunches, World War II sit ups, burpees and a few other exercises.

All told we had about 2 miles and a whole lot of boot thrown in.


Recently I was insulted at a workout. It was an epic burn that caused the whole group to stop and inquire as to whether of not the amount of aloe vera I owned would be sufficient due to the traumatic nature of my heat exposure.

In reality, it was all in good fun. And it did not bother me. But when put in conjunction with a few other questions posed to the group, it did make me think about myself and my actions. One of the questions to me specifically was “Didn’t you used to be fat?” Another question asked to the group was “What is your purpose? Why are you out here this morning?”

I did not answer the questions at the time because I like to mull things over a bit. Here is the answer I came up with. Hopefully my thought process makes you think about why you post as well.

Yes, I used to be fat. Maybe not obese, but heavier than I wanted to be. I was not living right. I still fall short of the mark sometimes. We are only flesh and bone and will fall short upon occasion. However, I am now strong enough to rise again no matter how hard I fall.

Why do I post?

I post to better myself. I am physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stronger due to my exposure to the HIMs in F3 nation. I post because my 4 and 7 year old children need a strong father. My wife needs a strong husband. Not the brittleness that people often confuse for strength. I can bend to the needs of a situation, because I know that I can do 75 burpess. Or run ten miles. Or bearcrawl a quarter mile. What is a conversation after those things?

F3 has made me better able to accomplish my goals by shutting off the loud part of my brain when it isn’t helpful. Or the quite part when it is not either. The fact is that confidence does not need to be loud. It just needs to be present. F3 had made me more confident in myself and in the men of my community.

I post to build my capacity and posting will allow my brothers to sharpen me. I post to sharpen my brothers, because I owe them for pushing me to get better. I post because life is hard, and I have found a group of brothers who will have my back when times get tough. I post for the same reasons that I think we all post: a sense of belonging, a sense of well-being, and a sense of peace.

That’s why I post.

How about you?

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