Do as I do – not as I say?

    • When: 9/12/20
    • QIC: Hot Sauce & Ponytail
    • The PAX: Bull, Cornerstone, Brangelina, Nasdaq, Poppins, Kindergarten Cop, Peach (R), Pac Man, Turbine, Kenyan (R), Zalinsky, Hot Sauce, Ponytail (R)

13 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at the Patriot for a co-Q by YHC & Hot Sauce along with a change in site Q leadership (more on that later).  Hot Sauce and I had discussed our plans for the morning and didn’t want to do the typical 30 minutes each Q, rather we decided to ‘ham & egg’ it starting with the warm-up.  The warm-up began with one light exercise, a short mosey and then another until we did  4 round including SSH, IW, cherry pickers, to name a few.

The Thang –

With the warm-up completed Hot Sauce shared that coupons would be involved this morning so everyone grabbed one at Hot Sauce’s Jeep and we walked over to the side parking lot near Cherry Park for a set of 7’s (something called Alpo’s & squats).  Next we left the coupons and went to the other end of the parking for a set of ATM’s and overhead claps.  Then we went back for another set of 7’s with coupons, this time curls & tricep extensions.  Next we moseyed to the school drop of covered area and did people’s chair with 10 merkins on each end to the middle, followed by London bridges on the wall (a set with arms & a set with legs) – a real crowd pleaser.  Next we went back to the coupon area and carried our coupons to the front of the school.  Hot Sauce carried his over head and called out front, but everybody carried them overhead and he pointed out that even though he said one thing & did another the PAX followed his lead and did as he did, not as he said.  He followed that up with a few thoughts that our actions carry more weight than our words.  Next we went back to the school drop off point and did some ab lab followed by a final round of curls & tricep extensions with a round of modified Sally in between (Maktar N’Dyiayes instead of merkins – also a big crowd pleaser).  Time was running short so we headed back for COT and closed out with a round spelling out the alphabet with our legs.  It was a full body workout and we had a great time leading.

We closed out the morning with a few announcements along with prayers & praises

Before that YHC shared the following quote I came across the day prior which was the 19th anniversary of 9/11/01

“Hard times create strong men, Strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times”  GM Hopf

The ultimate goal is to be more consistent – stay strong and enjoy good times.  Challenge yourself each day but avoid complacency

Lastly, we closed out the morning with a site Q change.  Pac Man passed of leadership at The Patriot to Kindergarten Cop.  Thanks Pac Man for the opportunity to lead today and for your leadership at this great AO.  In the same vein to KC, YHC looks forward to your leadership and where you take the AO –

On behalf of Hot Sauce & YHC, thanks for coming today and for the opportunity to lead on this great day –

Ponytail out –

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