Lead by Decreasing

    • When: 09/19/20
    • QIC: JAG/Reborn
    • The PAX: Pac Man, Anchor Bar (R), Kindergarten Cop, Rainbow, Money Bags (R), Kenyan (R), Anchor Bar (R), JAG (R), Reborn, Boomer, Jelly, Iron Sights, Jester.

Thank you to the 8 PAX who showed up to The Patriot on this cool October gloom to share in some great fellowship and a little suffering. It was an awesome time with our brothers, and I want to thank Kindergarten Cop especially for allowing JAG and YHC to lead this morning. There were also 4 Runners as well.


We began the morning led by JAG with the following after the disclaimer: Side Straddle Hops, Moroccan Night Clubs, Low Slow Squats, Cherry Pickers, and some stretching.


JAG then led us in the following: Mosey down to the track where JAG had previously set up 4 Stations with 4-exercises on each of them. JAG had us perform the first exercise at the first Station then jog the curve to the second station; perform the first exercise, then sprint to the third station, perform the exercise . . . and so on until 30-minutes was up. The exercises at the four Stations are below:

Station 1: 25-Merkins, 25- CDD’s, 25-Shoulder Taps, 15-Diamond Merkins.

Station 2: 10-Burpees, 25-Mountain Climbers, 25-Freddy Mercuries, 20 Bobby Hurleys.

Station 3: 30 LBC’s, 50-Flutters, 25-American Hammers, 25-Hello Dollys.

Station 4: 25-Squats, 25-Seal Jacks, 25-Plank Jacks, 25-Calf Raises.

After JAG warmed everyone up, he handed off the Q to YHC.

After this everyone was pretty much warm, so we headed over to the Rock Hill Tennis Center bleachers for a round of the following: Irkins, Dips, Step-Ups (for a little rest for the arms), & Derkins (we did Regular, Wide Armed, & Diamonds). Then we took a mosey over to the Rock Hill Tennis Center steps where we did the following series of 11’s going from the top to the bottom of the stairs: Bombjacks & Burpees. Then we took a mosey back over to the same area we started in the beginning of the morning where we performed the following

Then we took a short mosey back to the COT where YHC shared the following.

All PAX in attendance today did an awesome job. Thank you for the great mumblechatter as well.


Two weeks ago, in church we were studying the later verses of Chapter 3 from the Book of John. I have read John multiple times, but the Pastor highlighted something that has stuck with me for the past two weeks and now will forever.

John the Baptist was asked by his disciples and a Jew about purification (which they were arguing about) and how Jesus was baptizing people. John went on to remind his disciples, that they had previously witnessed him saying he was not the Christ but was sent before. He then stated that the bridegroom was who has the bride and the friend of the bridegroom stands at the door and is full of joy at the hearing of his voice.

The verse the struck me was this one: John 3:30 ‘He must increase, but I must decrease.’

John basically stated he was stepping aside and allowing Jesus to fulfil his duty as Christ, and he rejoiced because of it.

Immediately I started thinking about my life and what I do and say each day that would resemble this. I first thought about my family sitting next to me. Do I decrease and allow Jesus to increase? Then I thought about my friends. Do I decrease and allow Jesus to increase? Then I thought about the community. Do I decrease and allow Jesus to increase?

Am I living like John the Baptist, full of joy and decreasing every day to allow for Jesus to increase? I honestly have to say I do not think I heard anything else that was preached because I was reflecting so much. I truly believe if I lived to decrease, I would experience the joy of the friend of the bridegroom who was watching the bridegroom take off with his bride.

In F3 we call this Living 3rd. No matter your faith, you must put the one whom you put your faith in and others first before you. If we all lived this way, I wonder how much different our community would look. Take a moment today and the rest of your life to think about this and act on it. I know if we can do it others can as well.

John 3:30 ‘He must increase, but I must decrease.’

Live 3rd brothers. Aye!


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The PAX shared their prayers and praises and YHC lifted them up.

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