9 for An Anchor Bar led Q at ManU

    • When: 10/15/20
    • QIC: Anchor Bar
    • The PAX: Roxanne, Triad, Static, Hawkeye (RRR), Cracker Jack, Atticus, Darth, Socrates, Anchor Bar (R)


I gave the usual disclaimer and we moseyed to the fountain for a few warmup exercises.

10 Irkins IC
10 Windmills IC
10 Dips IC

We moseyed to the parking lot beside the event center for what turned out to be a real crowd pleaser.  We did three rounds of the “Bear”muda Triangle.   I had three markers setup in a triangle 20 yards apart.  Each pax bear crawled to the first marker and performed 1 burpee, bear crawled to the second marker and performed 2 burpees, bear crawled to the third marker and performed 3 burpees.  We planked while waiting for the six before beginning the next round.  The description in the Exicon stated that it was named for Bermuda Triangle because “you may lose some pax along the way.”  I’m glad to report that we lost no pax.

We moseyed around to the parking lot in front of the event center for what turned out to be another crowd pleaser.

“In The Plank Tonight” – We all got in the plank position and held the position for the duration (5+ minutes) of the Phil Collins hit, In The Air Tonight.  Every time he sang the phrase, “Oh Lord” we performed a merkin which occurred 24 times before the song faded out.

We moseyed over to the hill behind the shopping center for a set of Sevens.  We started with 6 Big Boy Situps at the bottom and 1 squat at the top of the hill, 5 and 2 and so on.

We moseyed over to the wall at the end of the plaza for some Peoples Chair.  While in the position each pax took a turn to perform 5 merkins.  After a short break we got back into the position and did a round of Shoulders, Knees and Toes.  Holding the position we did another round of Merkins.  This time each pax performed 10 merkins.

We moseyed back to the fountain for a repeat of our warmup exercises.

We moseyed back to the AO for one last routine, Sallie’s Cousin.  We performed squats to the tune, Flower (Sallie Up/Sallie Down) by Moby.

We closed out the morning with the COT – count off, video name-o-rama, announcements and prayer requests & praises.  I dismissed us with prayer.

As always, it is an honor and privilege to lead. Thank you for the opportunity, Triad

-Anchor Bar out

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