Slow down…See God moving

    • When: 10/16/20
    • QIC: Tinker Toy
    • The PAX: Tombstone, Herbie, Molly, Walker (R), Ironsights, Jester, Reborn, Tinker Toy (QIC)

Warm up (In cadence)

Mosey to Winthrop Student Activity Building parking lot for some 11’s
Jump squats

Mosey to building to the left of Thurmond Hall
Dips and pike press supersets

Round 1
20 Dips (IC)
15 Pikes press (OYO)

Round 2
15 Dips (IC)
10Pikes press (OYO)

Round 3
10 Dips (IC)
5-10 Pikes press (OYO)

Lap around building
Derkin and step up superset

Round 1
15 derkins (IC)
10 step ups (10 per leg)

Round 2
10 derkins (IC)
10 step ups (10 per leg)

20 Dips (IC)

Lap around building

Took some time to talk about the story of the “Good Samaritan” and the application for us today. It’s worth noting that the Levite, the priest and the Samaritan were all “busy” and had business to take care of. Why do only the Samaritan stop to help the injured man? He realized that business and the temporal things in life on earth could wait…he was focused on the eternal implications of his actions. He not only took care of the injured man, but went above and beyond to take care of him and then cover any extra expenses from the inn keeper, AFTER he returned from his business that he had put on hold (to focus on Gods movement in his life). You see, the Samaritan wasn’t too busy to see a need and he wasn’t too busy to help and he wasn’t too busy to follow up after he handled his normal activities.

What would happen if we always did that at F3. If we practiced that in and through our churches. That’s what God calls us to…are we willing to be “inconvenienced” to join God in His activity and be an instrument of Almighty God to bring change to this world? May we all PONDER that question and may that drive us to action!!

15 Dips (IC)

Mosey back to AO


Thanks for the opportunity to lead Jester! It’s always great to get a good boot workout in with some miles too. I love the approach you have taken with this AO.

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