• When: 10/26/20
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Assassin (R), Walker (R), Fishsticks (R), Smokey, Slow Pitch, Reborn

Thank you to the 5 other PAX who showed up at Old Town on this beautiful gloom to sharpen iron and push each other. It was a blessing to be back at this AO with my brothers and facing the gloom together and not alone. We have had some time apart and this was a great day to start back on.


We began the morning with the following in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats, Peter Parker Peters, Merkins, and 10 6-Count Burpees.


We then took a mosey straight to the back side of the Hot Box where YHC had placed a white board with exercises written on it. The PAX were to perform the exercises (with good form and in no rush) at this location and then run up the ramps and back down the stairs of the Hot Box. Then rinse & repeat 4-more times. The Exercises are as below:

8-Hand Release Burpees; 21-Carolina Dry Docks (Substitute for Upright Rows); 4-Dan Taylors (Up to 4:16 and back down); 19-Spiderman Merkins; 15-Outlaws, and 14-No Surrenders.

Once we completed 5-rounds we took a mosey back to the COT where YHC shared the following.


If you look closely the first letter of each exercise performed spells the word HUDSON. If performed correctly, the number of reps in each set is the number of that letter in the American alphabet. The number of sets = Hudson’s age of 5-months. The length of the run after each set = Hudson’s date of birth of 4/19 (The hot box ramps and stairs down are a little longer, but who is counting).

Hudson was the 5-Month old son of F3 NW Arkansas’ Nomad. His son was found unresponsive late in the night on Oct. 3 and EMS was unable to revive him. Nomad and his family have experienced what no man wants to experience, the loss of a child. I cannot imagine what Nomad is feeling or dealing with. I do know however, we as F3 Brothers can lift him up by being willing to honor his son’s life by doing this workout.

Hudson Fryar & Nomad, we honor you today.

#ForHudson @f3_nomad @F3NWArkansas


Men do not neglect the time you have with your children and family. Your life and theirs on this earth are short compared to the grand scheme of things, eternity. Do not allow anything from F3, work, or anything else to keep you from spending precious time with your family. They are much more important than the things of this world as the things of the world will one day pass away.

Your relationship with your SkyQ and your family are the greatest thing you need to focus on in this life. Make it happen and do not suffer from FOMO.



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The PAX shared their prayers and praises and YHC lifted them up.

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