Freedom is not Free

    • When: 11/11/20
    • QIC: JAG & Ponytail
    • The PAX: Ponytail (R), Toot Toot, Moneybags (R), Mongo, JAG (R), Anchor Bar (R), Gold Plate (R), Triad, Hawkeye (RRR), Walker (R), Bubble wrap, PCH

Today marked Veterans Day in our country – a day where we honor those who have served and continue to serve our country in order that that the rest of us can enjoy the freedoms that we enjoy.  Unlike Memorial Day where we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service, Veterans Day is a day where we honor our Veterans and thanks them for serving, going ahead of the rest of us, and putting it on the line.  If you serve or have served – we thank you for your service!

The plan today was simple.  We met at the new York County Family Courthouse with a plan to run to the American Legion.  There we would recite the Pledge of Allegiance, do a quick boot, and return to the Courthouse.  It was about 3.5 miles total and raining so to have 12 guys to mark the day was a welcome sight.  Everybody warmed up and did some light stretching OYO and at 0515 we rolled out to our destination –

The Thang –

We headed out the back road of the courthouse and made it to Heckle Blvd and traverse a few hills with a light rain and arrived at the American Legion.  There we gathered under the flags, one US flag and the others marking the various armed services.  JAG asked any PAX that have served to gather at the flag of their service and share some of their experiences, dates of service, along with a few thoughts.  JAG shared his experience in the USMC and Army as a JAG officer and lengthy career.  Gold Plate shared his Army and National Guard years.  Walker talked about his experiences in the USAF and time in Sumter.  Hawkeye shared his experiences in the Army and the 29 countries he has visited during his service.  Thank you all for your service – Freedom is not free.  Often times this means putting others first & family second.  Time away from home – missed birthdays, holidays, anniversaries.  We closed with 20 Merkins IC and rolled out, back to the Courthouse

As we closed out the morning with a few announcements and prayers & praises, PCH shared with the group that Bunker Hill would be relocating to the courthouse as a running AO.  By the looks of those in attendance today, this AO should thrive.  We decided to rename the AO and chose the name ‘Final Verdict’.  PCH also shared that Rasta has been the site Q for about a year and challenged the group to consider being a site Q.  If you feel called to lead this great new AO, please reach out to Rasta or PCH.  Also, there will be Q opportunities to be the Judge at Final Verdict so take advantage of that too

T-claps to the men who posted this rainy morning to share their experiences and the others who came to say thanks to those who have served.  Another great day in the Rock Region

Walker closed us out in prayer –

Ponytail out –

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