Gratitude Challenge

    • When: 11/23/20
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Ponytail (R), Canseco, Buffet, Boomer

4 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at Old Town on a cool muggy morning this pre-Thanksgiving week.  YHC issues a challenge 2 days prior for anybody posting at Old Town to bring 1-2 canned goods and we had a total of 12 but more on that later.  No FNG’s were present so YHC provided a quick disclaimer under the horns of the Monday morning train whistle (yes we did burpees) – toll paid.  We did a short mosey to the lower end of the parking and began with a brief warm-up and YHC explained that the canned goods were the beginning of the morning and Gratitude was our theme.  After the warm-up we rolled out and headed toward the Mercantile store near Dust Off Brewing

The Thang –

Once we arrived at the Mercantile store YHC showed the PAX the free food pantry the store provides for those in the Community.  All are allowed to take what they want in consideration of others and nobody is asked to pay.  There’s even a refrigerator to keep dairy products and other stuff cold.  A very neat service the store provides and very discreet.  Our drop off this morning added several items to the pantry for those hungry tonight.  Just a small way for us to make an Impact and help others out.  Once we dropped our goods off we did a set of ATM’s and dips and Irkins and rolled out.  Independence was our destination so we headed across the tracks, down Ebenezer Ave past the back of Winthrop and arrived as the men there were finishing up their warm-up.  We joined the guys as Reborn explained they would be rounds of 7’s in the parking lot.  The men of Old Town stayed for 4 sets of 7 burpees and 4 sets of 14 Merkins.  YHC shared a few words with the combined group and reminded everyone of the Thanksgiving Convergence Thursday and then issued the Gratitude Challenge.  Thanksgiving is rightly a time of year where we spend time with friends & family and express our collective Gratitude for our blessings – rightly so.  However, there are many where this time of year is tough and they have less to be thankful for.  The Gratitude Challenge aims to address that by encouraging participants to go very much out of their way to be an intentional blessing to others and maybe shine some light in their lives.  The possibilities are limitless, but YHC shared a few suggestions –

Leave a larger than normal tip next time you dine out, buy the guy’s coffee behind you at Starbucks, write your mom or dad a card or letter (not a text), donate items to a food pantry, tell the manager how good a job someone did helping you at the store

and on and on and on……………………….go make an Impact and watch what it does for the person receiving the blessing and watch what it does to you –

With that – the men of Old Town rolled out and ran up College Ave & Charlotte Ave and stopped at the fountain for a set of leg lifts, dips, Irkins & Dirkins.  Next we ran over to the ampitheatre and did intervals in the form of an exercise followed by a run up and down the steps.  Exercises included shoulder taps, 6 inches, seal jacks, Lt. Dangers.  Time was running short so we headed back to the AO for COT and paid the toll of 10 burpees for the train whistle at warm-up.  Altogether we got in about 3.5 miles with some boot and great fellowship

YHC closed with the following verse –

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.                            Philippians 2: 3-4

We talked a little more about being a blessing to others and being kind to one another.  We closed with prayers and praises and YHC closed out the morning in prayer

Thanks Canseco for the opportunity to lead, it’s always an honor to do so –

Ponytail out –


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