Be Bold

    • When: 12/2/20
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Bubblewrap, Jester, Reborn, Gold Plate (R), Darth, Blueprint, Ponytail (R)

7 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at Be The Change on a 27 degree morning to push & pull one another – Bold action to start the day but more on that later.  No FNG’s were present so a brief disclaimer was provided and all PAX were reminded to have fun, encourage one another, and take care of the six.  The plan for this cold morning was to keep moving so we got started with the warm-up which included SSH, seal jacks, Merkins, cherry pickers & some light stretching.  With that we rolled out –

The Thang –

Next we left the AO and headed down Curtis St. along the railroad track to the last building at the end of the road & gathered in the corner lot for a set of ATM’s (alternating shoulder taps / tempo merkins / merkins) and then we gathered on the wall for people’s chair followed by a set of London Bridges (1 set hands first / 1 set feet first).  YHC tried to share a quote on being Bold by T.S. Eliot “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”.  Unfortunately, the 0515 train was blaring by so it fell on deaf ears so we headed out towards Dave Lyle and turned at the last left with big island in the road.  There YHC repeated the quote and we briefly discussed what it means to be Bold.  YHC shared the example of how Darth came out solo to the previous BTC AO (a running AO) in an effort to get somewhere, to a different place & how F3 might be a vehicle to help in that effort.  That first workout was hard and probably not much fun, but he came back and kept coming back and today became the new site Q for the now Be The Change AO.  Which is another example of being Bold.  Thanks to Reborn stepping out and casting a vision for an AO that can one day be a vehicle to help homeless men in our community lead and grow and live out the vision for F3 – to invigorate male community leadership.  Darth shared a few personal thoughts and his F3 journey and how things have fallen into place in his personal life & work life to be in a position now to lead.  We collectively look forward to your leadership at this AO brother!  The next bit of the workout was to exercise in a Bold way by doing the following:

B – 100 Burpees

O – 100 Outlaws

L – 100 Lunges

D – Dan Taylors up to 28/7 set

We partnered up for these while one man circled the island in the road the other knocked out the exercises & flapjacked to get it done.  Great work by all the PAX.  Time was running short so we headed back to the AO to close out the morning where YHC shared the following verse

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you                         Joshua 1:9

We closed out by discussing how being Bold is an opportunity not a challenge or something we have to do.  YHC challenged all the PAX to consider what areas in your life do you need to be more Bold and step out of your comfort zone and lead.  We concluded the morning with the official site Q change where Blueprint passed off the shovel flag to Darth.  Thanks for your leadership Blueprint these last 18 months and seeing through the relocation of the BTC and Darth, we look forward to seeing where you take the AO and leadership

We closed out with announcements along with prayers & praises

Thanks Blueprint for the opportunity to lead today, it’s always an honor to do so –

Ponytail out –

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