Breaking down of making a man- Big Mac’s 2yr

    • When: 12/12/2020
    • QIC: Big Mac
    • The PAX: Big Mac, kindergarten cop, peach(r), Kenyan (r), hot sauce, Pac man, Crabby, Rambling man, zalinsky, roxanne, jelly

This morning after what seemed like a very short night,  YHC rolled up to the AO for a little preparation before the beat down. Cindy’s were placed, a ruck weight was put down and a sandbag was softly tossed into place as exercises were chalked on the ground.


There were no fng’s present so went through the standard disclaimer. As finished that up, Hot Sauce came a blazing in pants in hand ( had leggings on ). After some mumble chatter, warm-up was resumed



15 Hillbilly walkers IC

10 Cherry pickers IC

Moved down to the track and did two laps around said track in this fashion:

1:) High knees in the curves – lunge walk straight away

2:) Nur around the curves- Toy soldier around the straight

Circled up and did a little stretching


Mozied around to the front side of the school where YHC had placed the coupons and labeled the spaces as such:

cindy squat

Flying squirrel – hands in cindy

merkin- hands on cindy

Flying squirrel- hands on cindy

Bobby Hurley – with cindy


tricep extension

KB swing

High pull

B/O rows with sandbag

1 min AMRAP and take a lap around the island after each round

Carried coupons back to COT and placed in YHC truck

Circled up

The NMM:

Was struck this week by a 10 min video with Forged in fire’s Doug Mercida. He talked about having to break down to build up. To master a technique, one must know all the working parts individually to put together as a whole. Today we broke down the most hated of exercise “the man maker”. In doing so, we can understand that such an excruciating movement is rightfully named.

This I felt applied to today because you have to sometimes break a man down to his very foundation so he can be built up taller and stronger. Our foundation is what we stand on. It cannot sway or be unstable. F3 has done that for YHC and hopefully I can one day help someone the way this organization has done for me. I want to thank all the HIM I have come into contact with in my 2 years of being in f3. It is always an honor to lead and thank you for the opportunity.


announcements were given and Prayer request and praises were lifted


Come out for the #coretightenment , leave with a little #enlightenment


Big Mac out


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