Don’t sweat the small stuff

    • When: 12/15/20
    • QIC: Ponytail
    • The PAX: Iron Sight, Burgundy, Honey Pot, Boomer, Kelvin, Money Bags (R), Tressel, Jester, Walker (R), Smokey, Herbie, Bubblewrap, The Penguin, Bill Nye, Van Wilder (R), Shrute, Bull, JAG (R), Ponytail (R)

19 HIMS of the Rock Region gathered today at Wall Street on this chilly morning to prep for we hope will be a 2021 P200 and run & enjoy some fellowship.  The route was laid out as we were warming up and with no FNG’s a brief disclaimer was provided and a reminder to take care of the six.  As the appointed hour drew near we rolled out at 0500

The Thang –

The route for today was a 6 mile route with options to grab extra distance or cut short if less miles were on the agenda.  The route was as follows:

We headed out of the AO down India Hook and turned R on Ebenezer / L to loop behind the hospital / L on India Hook / R on Ebenezer / R on Camden and then a series of switchbacks for fartleks on the next 3 parallel roads the last being Oakland Ave / L on Ebenezer / R on India Hook back to the AO.  A few rucker took the Wall Street loop option for 3-4 miles and the runners got 6-7 miles and several had great paces.  All gave great effort and we enjoyed great conversation along the way

Once back to the AO YHC shared the following verse –

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  Philippians 4:6

Many times during the course of life & especially at the holidays we have a tendency to lose sight of the blessings all around us and anxiety creeps in and we become distracted.  At these times remember that we have a Savior and he invites us to cast our worries and anxieties upon him and he will see us through the darker times.  These are times of opportunity, not stress, to grow deeper in our faith.  Simply put – Don’t sweat the small & everything is small stuff.  Enjoy the holidays, time with families, enjoy the accidents, spills, mishaps and lean on your fellow man but most importantly lean on Christ, cast your worries upon him and receive the Peace he provides –

We closed with announcements and prayers & praises –

Boomer closed us out in prayer –

Thanks Honey Pot for the opportunity to lead today – it’s always an honor to do so –

Ponytail out –

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