July in Christmas

    • When: 12/21/2020
    • QIC: Brangelina, Red October & Zalinsky CoQ
    • The PAX: Brangelina, Red October, Zalinsky, 2.0s Ladybug, Baby Hulk

Starting on time, we enjoyed us a wonderful “warm” 50ish degree windy evening “July in Christmas” at Night @ Museum. I pulled from a Bill Nye 07/10/2020 Q.

Warmup: SSH, Cherry Pickers, IW, HW, couple of leg stretches.

The Thang: We mosied over to Dutchman Creek where we completed 10s on hill of choice. 1 wide arm merkin, sprint up the hill and do 10 jumpsquats and so on.

Mosied over to covered walkway where we suicides every other pillar then when HIMs completed down and back did 5 burpees.

Mosied over to the bball courts where we completed 3 rounds of 4 corners. 20 fluttas, 15 LBCs, 10 Vups, 5 squats.

Mosied back to the wall/covered walkways where HIMs did rounds of wall sits, shoulders, knees, toes, Australian kicks on the wall, legs ups (5 per leg), box jumps, merkins, dips, bearclaw up the ramp.

Then we mosied short ways to the entrance of the school which is a hill. Wind sprint up the hill slowsey back down rinse and repeat 2 more times.

Mosied over to hills where we completed 10s and bear crawled up the hill making our way back to the COT.

Completed Namearama, discussed announcements being Christmas Eve Convergence, NYD Convergence, read your newsletters and Brangelina, Ponytail and myself are collecting up to the Christmas Eve Convergence clothes for men or what you have to donate to Bethel and Pathways.

Covers if you got him, closed out in prayer.


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