Bethel Men’s Shelter Impact 2020 Update

    • When: 12/31/20
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: All F3 PAX and their families and friends

This has been an awesome year of Impact at Bethel Men’s Shelter by the PAX and their families of F3 Rock Region and F3 Lake Wylie.

Over the past year, you have served over 540 meals to homeless men of York County and the surrounding areas. Additional meals have been given for other opportunities as well

You stepped up to assist with the Love our Neighbor fundraising event in an extraordinary way that surpassed the expectancy of the Bethel Men’s Shelter Board and other volunteers.

You have raised over $5,000 cash on hand and given much more of your funds to donate meals and other items to serve these men. Some of this money was recently spent to purchase shirts and sweatshirts for the men who will eventually come out to workout with us.

The year was ended with an awesome Christmas meal for the men led by Ponytail and Lucky Charm. At this meal, the men of F3 Lake Wylie were encouraged to take a different day to serve than the PAX of F3 Rock Region to increase our footprint with the men.

You have started a weekly workout (Be the Change) and have held a total of 10 workouts led by multiple PAX since. Originally this site was led by Blueprint and now is being faithfully led by Darth. We will be there weekly and one day a man from the shelter will decide, with some encouragement, to come out and join us. Then boom . . . change will be made.

The name Be the Change is not about us (although it can be). The name is about the one man in the Shelter who decides he needs F3 and all the opportunities it offers and decides to make that 1st step and Be the Change.


Ongoing Impact Opportunities at Bethel Men’s Shelter:

Be the Change workout: 0500-0550 every Wednesday: Site-Q Darth

Monthly meal serving: Please consider signing up to serve on the second Tuesday of each month. We have slots for QIC, meal prep, servers, and general fellowship from now until the end of the year and beyond.


Rock Hill Roasting Co. is still selling bags of Rock Region coffee to all people for $15 and $5 goes directly to the work we are doing at Bethel.


F3 Lake Wylie has decided to serve on the 3rd Thursday of every month, so if our day of the week does not work for you, join with them. Reach out to Lucky Charm for information.

Future fundraising events such as The Rooster, a Triathlon, and the 2021 Love our Neighbor Event.

We maintain complete transparency about the funding and have 5 PAX who are watching the credits and debits of the account. If you have any questions or want to know more information, please contact YHC and I will answer all questions you have.


Please consider how you as a HIM and your family can serve at Bethel or Be the Change. We are looking to change the lives of men in our community we see every day but might not notice.


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