Hindsight of 2020

    • When: 12/31/20
    • QIC: Bill Nye
    • The PAX: Kenyan (R), Anchor Bar (R), Windex

On the final day of 2020 4 men gathered in the gloom and put in work. It was my pleasure to lead today, but I also felt like this was an opportunity to reflect back on the year that was.

And what a year it was…

However, despite all of the negativity we were able to conjure up some positive aspects of 2020 as well. Job changes, extra time spent with loved ones, and healthy diagnoses make for a solid silver lining.

COP: All IC- All 20s- Moroccan night clubs, arm circles, merkans, and low slow squats. Followed this up with a mosey around the parking lot. We then moseyed across the parking lot alternating between merkans and jump squats at each horizontal line before doing a few bear crawl and lunge walk repeats.

Now that we were warm, on to the review!

In review of this year, I decided to review some of our nation’s significant losses. As is typical for any year we lost local friends and national icons. The following exercises paid homage to a few of the people who died this year.

Kobe Bryant- LA Lakers guard- January 26, 2020

If you have watched basketball in the last 20 years you know the name Kobe Bryant. In honor of his jersey number, we did 24 Bobby Hurleys (Per the Exicon: When one does a squat and slaps the ground with both hands like a Duke basketball player, then jumps up and raising arms as if taking a jump shot.)

Kenny Rogers- Singer – March 20, 2020

In honor of his song of “The Gambler” we performed 21 (Per the Exicon: In unison PAX does 2-count side straddle hop and counts reps 1-5 out loud. Reps 6-21 are all mental and everyone must stop together at 21. If anyone stops early or goes over Q has PAX perform penalty workout of Q’s choice. I picked 10 burpees.) We nailed it, good job guys!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg- September 18, 2020

In honor of her 27 years as a Supreme Court justice we RAN from the AO to the corner of the big parking lot and performed 5 BURPEES and 5 GROINERS, proceeded as a normal 4 corners from there (Running, 5 Burpees, 5 Groiners) and after the fourth corner ran to the AO again and performed the last 2 Burpees and Groiners. 27 RBGs total.

Sean Connery- Actor- October 31, 2020

While Sean Connery played many iconic roles in his career, he will always be the first guy I think of when I think of James Bond (whom he played in 7 movies). In honor of that we did 7 James Bonds (Per the Exicon: On your 6 in seated row position (leaning back with legs about 10 inches off the ground) hold your hands in front of you like your holding a gun. Hold for 10 count and then slowly point your finger gun to the right for 10 count. Swing finger gun all the way to the left for 10 count and then back to the middle for hold as long as you want.)

Chadwick Boseman- Actor- August 28, 2020
Chadwick played several big roles, but none bigger than Black Panther. In honor of his work in the Marvel Universe movies we performed 10 X men (a crunchy frog that goes almost all the way to the ground with hands and legs spread wide in the shape of an X)

Alex Trebek- Game Show host- November 8, 2020

My family used to sit and watch Jeopardy several nights a week. As such I sought to mix it up a bit by asking questions about 2020. If the PAX could get them correct, we did the exercise on the card. If not, 10 burpees. A 5 burpee penalty assigned for any answer that was not in the form of a question.


For 20 merkans:
This country declared a state of emergency on January 2nd due to out of control wildfires that ended up burning more than 27 million acres?

What is Australia?

For 20 flutter kicks:
January 31st was the that the United Kingdom formally withdrew from the European Union and completed this process.

What is Brexit?

For 20 Side Straddle Hops: (We missed this one and had to do burpees)
This is the location where Superbowl LIV took place featuring the San Francisco 49ers and the eventual champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida

For 20 American Hammers:
These animals were found in Washington State, but it is believed that they originated from Asia. They can wipe out hives of honeybees and deliver painful, and even deadly, stings to humans.

What are Murder Hornets?

We then wrapped the whole thing up with a few minutes of Mary.

We stand perched upon the precipice of 2021. Will it be a good year? A bad one? Some of that is outside of my control. However, what I have learned in my time on this Earth is that every year will have good things and each year will have bad things. Some events that seem one way may be understood to be the other in retrospect. Time brings understanding and healing.

Our focus and approach to individual hours, days, and weeks will determine our interpretation of them. The days I decide to focus on the positive, generally, end up being better than the ones where I obsess about the negative. That doesn’t make the negative things go away, it just insulates me from their corrosive effect.

2021 will not magically bring peace and prosperity. Hard work will always have to be done. There will always be conflict in our nation, our community, and within ourselves. I appreciate the guys who get up before the sun and push me physically and mentally. We can all get along together and get better together. I think that the more burpees we do together, the more we realize that we can all share the same struggles. But we can also share motivations and successes. Politics, color, economic status, or any other type of division that exists can be overcome if we see each other as human and seek common ground with one another.

So go find the guys you haven’t seen in a while and bring them out. It is only through unity that we can rise up and move forward.

#TheGloomBelongsToUs #MoreThanAWorkoutGroup #GetAfterIt

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