Making Resolutions Stick

    • When: 1/2/21
    • QIC: Italian Job
    • The PAX: Catfish, Pepperoni, PacMan, Schrute, Cornerstone, Roxanne, Mongo, Kenyan, Red October, Anchor Bar, PCH, Ponytail, Walker, Winchester, JAG, Toot Toot, Italian Job

17 men tackled day two of the new year at Planet Pain. Here’s what we did.

Warm up

  • 10 SSHs (IC)
  • 10 Imperial Walkers (IC)
  • 10 SSHs (IC)
  • 10 Low Slow Squats (IC)

The Thang

Mosey to the track

2 minutes of stretching

Round 1

  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 Merkins
  • 30 LBCs
  • 40 Squats
  • 50 Calf Raises
  • 1 Lap

Round 2

  • 10 Wide Arm Merkins
  • 20 Lunges
  • 30 Flutters
  • 40 Overhead Claps
  • 50 SSHs
  • 2 Laps

Round 3

  • 10 Diamond Merkins
  • 20 Jump Squats
  • 30 Crunchy Frogs
  • 40 Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • 50 MNCs
  • 3 Laps

Shoulder Work

  • 10 Hillbilly Walkers (IC)
  • 10 Overhead Press (IC)
  • 10 Chinooks (IC)
  • 10 Little Baby Arm Circles (IC)
  • 10 Seal Claps (IC)
  • 10 Wonder Womans (IC)

Mosey to Breezeway

  • Hold People’s Chair and alternate Bear Crawls
  • Hold Planks and alternate Crab Walks

Mosey back to COT

6 Minutes of Mary

  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Dying Cockroaches (IC)
  • 10 Reverse Crunches (IC)
  • 10 V-ups (IC)
  • 10 Tempo Merkins (IC)
  • 10 Slow Flutters (IC)


I enjoyed the heck out of this morning. Today’s mumblechatter reminded me of how important the 2nd F is. Fitness without fellowship is a workout group. Fellowship and friendship takes us to the next level and makes us better men. And men need other men to keep accelerating.

This is the time of year people make resolutions for a “new year and a new you.” They make promises to get in shape, to make more money, to read more, or basically become a better version of themselves. However, come mid-February, the gyms are empty, the books haven’t been cracked, and work status quo and malaise has settled in.

Resolutions fail because change requires effort. Change takes a dream, willpower, consistency, and guard rails. It’s gradual. It’s difficult. But it’s worth it!

So dream it, want it, do it, do it again, and have someone to keep you accountable. Positive habits require consistent effort. Make it happen and have friends to keep you in line. Then bask in the glory in accomplishing your goals.


Italian Job

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