Swinging to the “Oldies”

    • When: 01/13/21
    • QIC: Jester
    • The PAX: Bill Nye, Boomer, Honey Pot, Tinker Toy, Ryder and Jester

YHC doesn’t get to PHOP too often based on the distance from YHC’s house, but really enjoys it when the opportunity arises. Five other #HIM joined YHC this morning in the gloom for a Tabata inspired workout. YHC first came across this type of workout visiting a St. Louis AO a month or so back while traveling and was hooked. This type of workout brings a great blend of cardio and strength conditioning all in one nice little package in YHC’s opinion. YHC had mapped out a Tabata workout for the New Year’s Day Convergence at Petra too, but modified it here given the toys on hand to play with at PHOP.

Along with the desire to Q another Tabata workout, YHC really wanted to bring some noise with music for the full forty-five minutes and keep the pace moving the whole time to keep the heart rate up with minimal down time. The following is the playlist that ran the whole time in the background at a moderate-ish sound level from the start of the warm up until the final Tabata set was completed. On a separate note, thanks in part to Ryder and Honey Pot, YHC learned that the following music is now lumped into the “Oldies” genre!


  1. How Far We’ve ComeMatch Box Twenty
  2. MachineheadBush
  3. Enter SandmanMetallica
  4. Given to FlyPearl Jam
  5. Kickstart My HeartMotley Crue (a fan favorite of YHC)
  6. BrownstoneGuns & Roses (a very much underappreciated jam off the Appetite for Destruction album if you ask YHC)
  7. Wicked GardenStone Temple Pilots
  8. Pour Some Sugar on MeDef Leppard
  9. Cherub RockSmashing Pumpkins (a band that Ryder and Honey Pot had never heard of apparently…YHC’s mind was blown and no doubt felt old upon being notified of this!)
  10. You Shook Me All Night LongAC/DC
  11. Stop!Jane’s Addiction

Disclaimer – disclaimed.


  1. Windmills – 10 in Cadence
  2. Imperial Walkers – 10 in Cadence
  3. Moroccan Night Clubs – 10 in Cadence
  4. Mosey around the church and back to COT for THE THANG

THE THANG: 5 Sets of Tabata (45 seconds on / 15 seconds off). Mosey around church after each set and right into the next set.

SET 1:

  1. Merkins
  2. LBC’S
  3. Curls with Cindy
  4. SSH’s
  5. Leg Lunges

SET 2:

  1. Wide Arm Merkins
  2. Dips with Cindy
  3. Tricycle Crunches (Right Arm-Left Leg)
  4. Tricycle Crunches (Left Arm-Right Leg)
  5. Mountain Climbers

SET 3:

  1. Diamond Merkins
  2. Big Boy Sit Ups
  3. Triceps Extensions with Cindy
  4. Bomb Jacks
  5. Squats with Cindy

SET 4:

  1. No Cheat Merkins (hand release at the bottom and alternating shoulder taps at the top)
  2. Crunchy Frogs
  3. Overhead Chest Presses with Cindy
  4. Plank Jacks
  5. Bobby Hurley’s

SET 5:

  1. Blast Off Merkins (AKA – Mike Tyson’s)
  2. American Hammers
  3. Arm Rowes with Cindy
  4. Seal Jacks
  5. Man Makers with Cindy

After the last set and when YHC was able to catch his breath, Bill Nye was kind enough to read the attached devotional YHC wanted to share with the PAX this morning. YHC was having some technical difficulties with his old man glasses fogging up. Hence, Bill Nye being kind and offering up to read this excerpt from the daily devotional YHC and YHC’s M are working through this year.

As mentioned here, the excerpt presented here is taken from a daily devotional that YHC and YHC’s M wanted to go through together this year. However, it is amazing to YHC when YHC goes into something with expectations on what is going to come out on the back end, but God pretty much puts the cabash on it and places on your heart the lesson or area He wants your attention on in the moment. For the most part, the daily devotionals read up until this day had placed YHC’s focus on YHC’s M and our relationship which was the expectation in this undertaking. However, on this day, God instead highlighted for YHC the importance of the impact love has on children when brought up in a loving environment.

Goldplate during a Q of his a couple weeks ago at Be the Change had asked PAX, what their word of the year was this year (2021). I had relayed to the PAX on hand that day that YHC’s word was “heart” and it was a rinse and repeat from 2020. Many of YHC’s prayers last year and this year for myself centered/center on this word and for God to change YHC’s heart.

YHC’s children are getting older and YHC’s two oldest are embarking on their teenage years now. YHC is starting to feel them beginning to pull away and want to be independent which really is the goal for any parent at the end of the day, isn’t it? Raise Godly, independent people able to enter society and function on their own. When YHC and YHC’s M were blessed with our first children (our twins), we came up with a 3 R philosophy at the time that we wanted to impart on our 2.0’s: Respectful, Responsible and Resourceful. Well, now it feels like we need to put our money where our mouth is and it scares the holy heck out of YHC! The fear isn’t so much based on concerns of my 2.0’s not being aware of the 3 R’s going into the world (well…maybe a little). The fear is really on how YHC imparted these three R’s on my 2.0’s. YHC grew up in a fairly strict household where love could be challenging to decipher when being taught (or disciplined for something for that matter) by YHC’s father. Well, there really is something to that whole nature versus nurture thing. And, this is where YHC’s fear sets in currently. I can honestly say that the raising of my 2.0’s has always come from a loving place from my standpoint. However, based on how I was raised, I worry if this love is perceived as something different from my 2.0’s perspective. Scary poop (this is a bomb jack free backblast)!!!

It has only been in the past two or so years that YHC has made the decision to wake up each day and do the best I can to walk with Christ. I know we aren’t able to go back and change the past, but I truly pray God continues to change YHC’s heart so I can foster love within my home and within my family in the manner He instructs us to in His word going forward. YHC hopes in sharing this that it inspires anyone to continue doing what they are doing to foster the love described here within their homes or inspires them to make tweaks as they see fit. Because…YHC has to admit that I want my 2.0’s to feel love as it is described here in this particular devotional.

We ended with announcements and shared prayers being lifted up to the Lord on this day.

Thank you Tinker Toy for the opportunity to lead at PHOP this morning!

Jester Out

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