8 Minute Abs

    • When: 1/23/21
    • QIC: Honey Pot & Ponytail
    • The PAX: Slow Pitch, Mongo, Fresh Prince, Red October, Shrute, Italian Job, Ponytail (R), Samurai (R), JAG (R), Catfish, Homer, Anchor Bar (R), Honey Pot, Bulldog, Mayflower (R)

15 gathered today at Planet Pain on a beautiful chilly morning to put in some work and enjoy time together in the Gloom.  Several men were out doing pre run / pre ruck stuff for some extra early credit before the main event and Mongo joined us late for some 8 minute abs.  At the appointed hour YHC announced Honey Pot & YHC were the Q’s for today and a brief disclaimer was provided and we got started with the warm-up which included SSH, seal jacks, cherry pickers & some light stretching.  Then it was time to get after it –

The Thang –

Short mosey over to the benches beside the ATC and we planked up and did a set of ATM’s and six inches.  Next we partnered up and did the following while the other partner moseyed out 100 yards or so and back –

100 Merkins / 100 Dirkins / 100 Irkins / 100 dips / 100 calf raises / 100 step ups – a full body beatdown enjoyed by all

Next we went from one end of the parking to the other Lt Danger style and finished up the first half of the workout with some shoulder taps, plank and more 6 inches.  YHC handed the Q stick off to Honey Pot & we moseyed to the other end of the ATC and did the following –

5 rounds of 50 LBC’s / 50 flutter IC / 50 leg lifts with a 100 yard or so mosey in between each round.  The mumblechatter was epic as we laughed, told stories about whoopings and wooden spoons and picking out switches while the Rooster crowed for us to hush

Time was running short so we headed back to COT and repeated the warm-up and finished with 5-6 minutes of Ab lab and burpees

Just another awesome morning & great day in the Rock Region –

We closed out the morning with a few announcements along with prayers praises and a challenge to check in your brothers.  Samurai was on point when he challenged us to check on other men and approach help “Would you prefer today or tomorrow I do ________ for you, not – do you need anything?

YHC shared the following quote from a great leader – Martin Luther King Jr:

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience and comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

How do you react in difficult times?  How do react when things are great?  Don’t sit back and take blessings and good times for granted and don’t lash out at others when times get tough.  We do work in the Gloom to prepare for the difficult periods.  We have fun in the Gloom to enjoy good times.  Support your brothers – reach out to them – encourage & support one another.  Be there for your brother as you would want him to be there for you

Thanks Catfish for the opportunity to lead today – it’s always an honor to do so –

Ponytail out –

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