Small Habits Create Big Outcomes

    • When: 02/02/21
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Samurai (R), Money Bags (R), Vanilla Headlights (R), Van Damme Van Wilder (R), Smiley Face (R), Tressel, Ryder, Rasta, PCH, JAG (R), Reborn

Thank you to Anchor Bar (who was Q’ing at Be the Change) for allowing me to lead this morning. Thank you to the other 11 PAX who showed up with me to Final Verdict on this brisk gloom to work on some endurance and make each other better for it. Thank you for the push from all PAX in attendance. You all did an awesome job this morning. Keep up the great work.


YHC had asked the PAX to be warm by 0500 so we could start, and we ensured that all PAX were ready to run on the roads (i.e. safety first). YHC shared the disclaimer and made sure everyone was aware of pedestrian laws (run always facing traffic, cross at crosswalks).


This morning was simple. We were running a 60-Minutes of Fartleks (4-Min. on, 1-Min. off) at a 5K-10K pace. The recovery 1-minute was to be used to pick up the 6 each time. The route was up Main St. to Cherry Rd.; Lt. on Cherry Rd; Lt. on Constitution; Rt. on Herlong; Lt. on Ebenezer; Lt. on Frank Gaston to go behind the hospital; Lt. on Herlong; Lt. on Main St. back to the Courthouse.  The PAX were able to achieve 5-7 miles this morning.


‘Every habit produces multiple outcomes across time. Unfortunately, these outcomes are often misaligned. With our bad habits, the immediate outcome usually feels good, but the ultimate outcome feels bad. With good habits, it is the reverse: the immediate outcome is unenjoyable, but the ultimate outcome feels good.’

James Clear


Why do you come to F3? Why do you get up before more than 95% of people to head out to a location (or even at your home) to workout? What are you training for? A race? To get healthier? To stay healthy? To fellowship?

Does F3 help you achieve that? Or is F3 training grounds for something larger that your health. Yes, there are many benefits to working out multiple mornings a week. However, setting that alarm for 0400 or earlier each night to be with your brothers is more important than you realize.

How many of you handle the obstacles of your day differently when you post in the morning? How many of you treat others differently after you have had the opportunity to workout in the gloom? How many of you struggle to get through the days when you do not post and somewhat regret you didn’t?

You see, F3 and the workout is only the beginning of what F3 Nation has to offer. There are the 2nd and 3rd F’s by way of QSource, Bibles & Biscuits, 2nd F Lunches, Coffee & Convo., etc. I challenge each man today to attempt to accelerate more than just physically this year. Make it a goal to explore the options that F3 has to offer on a grander scale. Plan to attend or lead a 2nd or 3rd F event. Serve at Bethel. Build a ShieldLock or Whetstone relationship. Accelerate in all aspects of your life.

Today, take advantage to Train for Life, not just a race. Train physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And do it with your brothers, not OYO. Small habits create big outcomes.



Reach out to a Site Q to Q a Workout.

Sign up to serve at Bethel Men’s Shelter in the New Year. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0444adaa23a2fa7-bethel

Convergence at The Patriot-Saturday Feb. 6

The Yeti-March 6 in The Fort

The Rooster-March 13-See Ponytail or Blueprint

Read your Newsletter.


The PAX shared their prayers and praises and YHC lifted them up.

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