Region Q versus Q at The JOC

    • When: 3/3/2021
    • QIC: River Rat
    • The PAX: The Fort and The Rock Region PAX
Starting in March The Joint Operations Command will be featuring a Q versus Q, region versus region head to head battle!

The JOC was founded on the principle of bringing The Fort and The Rock Regions together in one location on a weekly basis. The location is ideally located to both regions and has been the source of many great workouts and mumblechatter. At the JOC we pride ourselves in a wealth of opportunities at our location for various creative workouts.

The Q versus Q format should bring a lot of fun and difficult workouts as well. In addition we hope to foster greater relationships between the two regions. For the first four weeks we will have one Q from each region at every workout. Each Q will get 20 minutes total to deliver the workout. At the end the PAX in attendance will vote on the winner for each week. The fifth week in March will be a finalist battle. The winner of each of the four weeks will come and vie for the ultimate winner.

Each Week the schedule will be as follows:

  • First Q to arrive on site gets choice of going first or second.
  • Site Q (River Rat) will lead a 5 minute workout.
  • 1st Q leads 10 minutes
  • 2nd Q leads 10 minutes
  • 1st Q leads 10 minutes
  • 2nd Q leads 10 minutes
  • COT
  • PAX in attendance will vote on the winner. Categories will include:
    • Difficulty of workout
    • Creativity of exercises
    • Use of the AO grounds
  • Site Q will break a tie and winner of each week will be on Q for the 5th and final week.

Schedule is still being finalized. But we have a few great Q’s lined up such as Reborn, Maximus, Dark Helmet, JAG, Canseco, Slapshot, and Bill Nye!

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