Incorporating a little Boom into actions & attitudes

    • When: 02/15/21
    • QIC: Jester
    • The PAX: Ponytail, JAG, Tressel, Ryder, Boomer, Herbie and Jester

As YHC approached the Old Town AO returning from a short pre-run, PAX were beginning to gather in the gloom at COT on this cold, damp morning. Six other #HIM joined YHC and were ready to go promptly at 0500…even Herbie. F3 Rock Region PAX all know Herbie usually rolls in hot with about 20 to 30 seconds to spare prior to game time. On this day though, Herbie was a full two minutes ahead of the official start time.

YHC opened with the usual disclaimer even though all on hand were veterans to this whole F3 thing. Following the disclaimer, YHC broke school yard etiquette slightly in that a portion of the NMM was presented on the front end of the warmup and thang.

A week or so ago, YHC came across some old notes from studying Proverbs last year. YHC relayed to the PAX on hand that it wasn’t so much the verse that grabbed YHC’s attention, but more the summary of the verse provided in the study Bible YHC uses. The verse stems from Proverbs 3:3 which states:

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.” (Proverbs 3:3)

And, the summary provided read as such:

Love & faithfulness are important character qualities. Both involve actions as well as attitudes. A loving person not only feels love; they act loyally & responsibly. A faithful person not only believes the truth; they also work for justice for others. Thoughts and words are not enough – our lives reveal whether we are truly loving & faithful. Do your actions measure up to your attitudes?

It was this last question that has been swirling around YHC’s head the past week or so. And, it is the question without looking for a response that YHC wanted to open with this morning for PAX to think about as we went along with our business. PAX jumped into the warmup and thang listed below following the reading of this verse and corresponding summary.

  • Warm Up:
    • Cherry Pickers – 10 in Cadence
    • Windmills – 10 in Cadence
    • Side Straddle Hops – 10 in Cadence
  • Mosey to the Rock Hill Sports & Event Center:
    • First stop was out front of the event center which has a prime area for dips. So, in a 1 to 2 ratio, PAX worked out 1 big boy sit up to 2 dips working cumulatively up to 10 big boy sit ups and 20 dips ( 1&2, 2&4, 3&6…10&20). As PAX were wrapping up, we all heard that lovely Old Town train coming through town. So, yep, 10 burpees OYO were busted out before proceeding with the rest of the workout.
    • PAX moseyed from there to the “new”/”newer” hot box (not quite sure what else to call it?) to finish out the workout.
    • On the first level upon entering the parking deck, 5 strategically placed cones 10 yards apart from each other paved the path. PAX would leg lunge walk to each cone with burpees done on the back end and moseyed back to the starting point. This was rinsed and repeated for each cone:
      • 1st set – 10 yard leg lunge walk with 10 burpees
      • 2nd set – 20 yard leg lunge walk with 8 burpees
      • 3rd set – 30 yard leg lunge walk with 6 burpees
      • 4th set – 40 yard leg lunge walk with 4 burpees
      • 5th set – 50 yard leg lunge walk with 2 burpees
    • PAX then moseyed up a couple levels and stopped for a 1 to 4 ratio of American hammers to crunchy frog’s in similar fashion to the big boy sit up/dip routine. This set went from 1&4 up to 8&32 though.
    • PAX then moseyed up a couple more levels for a round of sevens consisting of break dance merkins (thank you Ruby Slippers!) at the bottom and jump squats at the top on the incline portion of the parking deck.
    • PAX then moseyed back down to the entrance of the parking deck and worked out one more 1 to 4 ratio set. This time the exercises consisted of Carolina dry docks and LBC’s. This set also went from 1&4 up to 8&32 prior to moseying back to COT early in order to wrap up the NMM that was started on the forefront.

As a side note, when YHC planned this workout out, the intent was that it would be a boot workout with minimal running besides going from COT to the new hot box and back. Well, YHC is horrible at planning. YHC did not take into account how much moseying can be involved with a round of 7’s and playing around in the new hot box. All in, PAX wound up getting about 3.5 or so miles in during the workout.

  • NMM:

YHC began wrapping things up back at COT reiterating the last question of the verse summary presented prior to the warmup: “Do your actions measure up to your attitudes?”

YHC finds this question to be interesting and incredibly challenging based on the verse the question is directed. Lining both actions and attitudes up is not easy, but essential in YHC’s opinion if we our giving our hearts to God for His work and His glory. YHC is going to stay first person here because YHC cannot speak for anyone reading this or anyone who was present in the gloom this morning. The struggle or challenge with this for YHC is that at times, YHC goes through the “actions” of doing good, but carries a terrible attitude in the process. YHC doesn’t really think it is God’s heart working through YHC in this instance. Or the flip, YHC’s attitude is in the right place and has the best intentions to act given a certain circumstance. However, YHC does not act in the end but merely held the right attitude regarding those intentions. YHC doesn’t really think it is God’s heart working through YHC in this instance either. So, the question YHC has been spinning in the head the past week or so is this, “God…who is an example of this on earth aside from your Son where their actions measure up to their attitudes? What do their actions and attitudes look like?”

YHC realizes there are numerous examples of this in the Bible such as Abraham and Job, but the answer this time came from a book titled The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boon that YHC’s oldest daughter finished reading a couple weeks ago. This was simply a book YHC was interested in reading because my daughter enjoyed it and YHC wanted to be able to discuss the book with her. YHC had procrastinated in starting the book, but who knew procrastination could be part of His plan? YHC truly believes God wanted YHC to come across this note and verse jotted down some time ago to serve as a simply reminder to continue praying that He change YHC’s heart. So, YHC had to come across the note first in order to start asking the above questions before He was able to provide an answer in a place I wasn’t intentionally looking for one when I finally picked the book up.

The book is written by Corrie ten Boom and about her and her family growing up in Holland leading up to World War II and during World War II when Germany occupied the country. Truly, based on the book, any one of the ten Boom family members could be listed here an answer to the question YHC had been asking, but it was the Patriarch of the family that really resonated with YHC as to someone’s actions that measure up to their attitude. Casper ten Boom was a humble watchmaker with a strong Christian faith bestowed upon all if his children. Based on how Corrie (Mr. ten Boom’s daughter) describe her father and the stories relayed in the book of him, Casper ten Boom seemed to be an incredibly humble, caring, compassionate, glass half-full, and full of wisdom type of person.

The story that most resonated with YHC in answering the, “what do their actions and attitudes look like?” question comes from a visit the ten Boom family had received from a pastor. You see the ten Boom house had become a safe house within an underground network for Jewish residents in Holland to escape to and hide from German soldiers to avoid being taken to the concentration camps that had been established during World War II.

Just prior to the visit from the aforementioned pastor, the ten Boom’s took in a Jewish mother and her premature infant after being forced to leave a hospital. The concern for the ten Boom’s was that the infant could put the whole house and everyone staying with them at risk due to someone on the street hearing the infant’s cries. Now, enters the pastor into the ten Boom home. After speaking somewhat in code with the pastor as the pastor was unaware of the ten Boom’s serving as a safe house, Corrie directly asks the pastor if he knew of anyone who would take a Jewish mother and her baby where it may be safer for them. After letting Corrie know she was putting her family’s lives at risk as well, he replied with a resounding no. This is the point at which Casper ten Boom entered the room and asked to hold the infant and relays to the pastor that if it meant losing their lives to save the lives of others, he would consider it a great honor.

YHC has paraphrased this section of the book here, but the answer to the above question smacked YHC upside the head after reading this specific story in the book. This is what it looks like when someone’s actions measure up to their attitudes when the Lord is the one guiding their hearts. YHC can honestly say that He has been working on me for the past couple years now and has been answering prayers for a changed heart as decisions are just different now compared to the ones YHC would have made in the past. And, for YHC, much of God speaking to me the past couple of years has been through many men that I get too see and listen to at the wee hours of the morning. This story is huge reminder for YHC though that these need to be continued prayers for myself ongoing. Right now, I can’t honestly answer definitively that YHC would make the same decision Casper ten Boom made knowing I could be putting my  family’s lives in danger.

YHC is pretty sure though because of reading this story, this is a question YHC will try and focus on having in the back on my mind going forward when making decisions. YHC’s hope in sharing all of this is the same for whoever posted and/or whoever is reading this that they add this question as a check list item in making decisions if not already doing so. YHC thinks we all could use a little Boom in our actions and attitude!

Announcements: Rooster Sign Ups, Bethel Sign Ups, P200

Also, prayers lifted up from PAX to Him to conclude our morning together.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning Boomer!

Jester Out.

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