What does F3 Mean to You?

    • When: 02/23/21
    • QIC: Reborn
    • The PAX: Jelly, Herbie, Gauge, Money Bags, Samurai, Pac Man, Tombstone, The Penguin, Stork, Bubblewrap, Buffett, Bill Nye, Ponytail, Schrute, Catfish, Blueprint, FNG, Goldplate, Reborn

Thank you to the 18 other PAX including 1-FNG who removed themselves from the fartsack and came to Eagle’s Nest on this cool gloom to make themselves better. It was a great morning full of mumblechatter, whining from Catfish, and fellowship. Thank you to Gold Plate for allowing YHC to lead this morning. Unfortunately, our FNG left early and did not get named. So Herbie has promised to bring him back out soon to be named.


We began the morning with the following in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats, Peter Parker Peters, Merkins, and 10 6-Count Burpees.

We then took a mosey into the campus of Winthrop to the flag where Gold Plate led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the USA. From there we moseyed to the fountain in front of the flag for a short round of Irkins, Dips, Step-Ups, & Derkins. From there we took a mosey to the back side of Tillman.


After this everyone was pretty much warm, so YHC disclosed what the plan was: Deconstructed Burpees.

YHC asked the PAX to partner up. Partner 1 ran up the stairs while partner 2 stayed back and performed a specific exercise (no counting needed) at the bottom of the stairs. Then flapjack, Partner 2 runs the stairs and Partner 1 performs the exercise. The exercises performed at the bottom of the stairs were Burpees, Jump Squats, Hip Thrusters, Merkins, Hip Thrusters, Squats, Hip Thrusters, Merkins, Hip Thrusters, Jump Squats, and finally full Burpees.

Once finished we took a mosey back to the COT and made it just in time for 0600 to roll around.


Two questions I asked before we took our first mosey to the flag. Why did you first come to F3? What keeps you returning?

For me, the answer to the first question is somewhat difficult to explain. I was in good shape and my faith was strong. About 3 moths earlier I had completed recovery from alcoholism and missed the group of guys I had spent the previous 9-months with. I was missing something. I saw Popeye and Bogey at a soccer practice wearing F3 shirts and asked them about it (although I had heard about it in 2013). They told me what it was and the next morning, 5-years ago today, I was at Eagle’s Nest for a Gauge led workout. I found what I needed.

Why do I keep coming back? I return to F3 because of the men in F3, and the Impact they have on me and the Impact they can have on our community. Doing hard things with the men of F3 creates bonds that are practically unshakable. And from what I can see these bonds will last for my time on this earth.

I return for the laughter, mumblechatter, friendships, and brotherhood created during workouts, 2nd F Events and 3rd F Events. I return for the men of F3 and the relationships with them. I know I can count of every one of you to be there if needed. There is no doubt in that.

Men, F3 is open to all men. We should make it accessible to all men and not keep it to ourselves. Imagine how much better the world would be if only 5% of all men were a part of F3 and accelerating in Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.

Now, why did you originally come out and what keeps you returning?



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Sign up to serve at Bethel Men’s Shelter in the New Year. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0444adaa23a2fa7-bethel

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The PAX shared their prayers and praises and YHC lifted them up.

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