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WARMUP: We started off with some basic stretching of arms and legs, with a dose of SSH

Ran to the flag for pledge, followed by calf raises.

Ran to auditorium – did two rounds of ab lab.  Ran to coupon pit – did curls, overhead presses, and triceps.  Ran to gym – did squats. Ran to garden – did irkins.  Ran to the gym parking lot – did peoples chair

At each stop we discussed one of the 5 core principles and the “why” behind them.

Lead in a rotating fashion – why? F3 exists to invigorate male community leadership.  Men practice leadership in a safe environment.

Open to all men – why? Men need an avenue to connect with other men.

Ends in a COT – why? Men need a safe place to be vulnerable.  Culture says men should be independent; “be a man”.  We need a safe place to lean on each other.

Always outdoors – why?  Everything we need to exercise with is outdoors.

It’s free – why? There’s no equipment or facilities costs. (Well, it will cost you a couple hours of your time)

COT: Prayers for school restarting – firearm found on Lancaster County school campus on the first day

Toot Toot has a 3 week old so adjustment to the new family addition.

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