Wait, What? Theres More?!?! Week5 Iron Pax: Return of the Kraken @ The Goose

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Sooo just when you thought Iron Pax 2022 was done and we’re smiling and high fiving, them Greenwood boys had different plans…welcome Week 5 of Iron Pax 2022 “Return of the Kraken” at The Goose tomorrow evening.
Grab a Coupon at COT out of the truck bed and make your way down to me on the field. Starting at 7:30pm.
I’m hoping and praying this is the final week as it looks terrible as always: 30 yards in 10 yd intervals, a block and EMOM timer. Sadly looking forward to it!
Hope to see you all there
To those that have seen this challenge through – CONGRATS! This CSAUP pushes you to the edge and more. Be on the lookout for the Nation Tshirt preorder as you deserve it!


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